Weakness as Strength

What we label as “weakness” can often become our strongest ally, and a source of inner strength…

One of the key differences between success and failure has to do with our perception of weakness and strenght. If we label something as “weakness” we cripple our ability to see beyond that. The most inspiring success stories are those where someone has turned their life around despite some huge setback. Inevitably, they have turned a perceived “weakness” into strength…the cancer victim who turns their life around to become an advocate to help save lives, a mother who loses a child to a drunk driver, takes her tragedy and founds an organization to save other children by stopping drunk drivers, a “chronic stutterer” labeled throughout his life as someone that must live his life delegated to live behind the scenes due to his “disability” turns into a world renowned speaker, inspiring others to turn their lives around…the stories go on.

Weakness as Strength

To overcome the “impossible?” Who dictates the possible? Isn’t it always the underdog winning that makes for the best and most inspirational of stories? I believe that is because we know, on an instinctual level, that these boundaries, these obstacles put in place by our own perception are an illusion. When we are children, we see endless possibilities. Do you recall playing as a child; let’s say cowboys and Indians, or any such “battle of wits” at a young age?

“Bang Bang I got you!”

“No you didn’t, I was wearing an invisible bullet proof vest!”

”Well then the bullet went around the vest and got you from behind!”

“It would of except that I have a special bullet sensor that picked it up and threw it away before it could get to me..”

what sounds like silly children’s games, is actually an example of knowledge that there is always some other way of looking at things to change he outcome…

So what is your “Weakness”? And how can you make it into your strength?