Wealth Building – A Popular Topic

Let’s talk about wealth and wealth building.

First of all, Creating Life Abundance involves much more than simply creating wealth. Wanting to get rich is one thing; creating wealth by embracing your infinite potential and living life to the fullest is something else entirely. “Rich” and “wealthy” are really two different things. Being rich means simply having plenty of money; being truly wealthy means having plenty of money and having the freedom and ability to enjoy it, share it, give it, and receive it in a continuous cycle of abundance.

What is “wealth?”

As you learn to Create Life Abundance, you will find that wealth manifests as a natural by-product of a life well-lived. And each person’s wealth needs are different. For example you might say, “I need a million dollars to be wealthy,” or something similar. Exactly how much depends on your individual experience.

And while it’s fine to have a specific number in mind, CLA’s definition of wealth is simply this: having the means to accomplish all that your heart desires on an ongoing basis. In other words, it doesn’t matter whether you need a billion dollars or a thousand dollars – if it provides you with the means to accomplish what you want on an ongoing basis, you are wealthy!

Expand Your Wealth Consciousness

As you learn to see yourself as wealthy, to imagine having it and receiving it, and to act on your intuition and inspiration, you will find that wealth building gets easier and easier. Money will flow to you more and more freely. The key is to get your wealth consciousness to the point where you’re not getting in your own way.

Wealth Building   A Popular Topic

To do this, it’s often necessary to let go of some misperceptions and limiting beliefs. For example, there is a lot of stigma surrounding wealth in today’s world. We might believe in a limited supply – “There’s never enough to go around” – and covet it. We might look at the actions of some misguided individuals and decide that wealth is bad – “Rich people are crooks,” or “Money is the root of all evil.” We might decide that, because there are millions who are poor, we don’t deserve to be wealthy. “Having money is bad when there are so many people suffering without it.”

It’s totally neutral!

In truth, wealth is completely neutral. It’s simply a means of exchanging value, nothing more. What we do with it determines whether we see it as “good” or “evil”. And the only time wealth winds up being “evil” is when it’s misused by misguided individuals who are at the mercy of their egos. Wealth building involves letting go of misperceptions that we may have been holding onto for a long time.

In truth, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being wealthy. Remember: “wealthy” simply means having the means to accomplish all that your heart desires on an ongoing basis. Whether that takes fifty dollars or a billion makes no difference.

Focus on creating value!

The key to creating real wealth is to focus on the needs of others. In a society that uses money to exchange value, the more value you create for others, the more money you will receive, which provides you with the resources too create even more value… and on and on it goes. I call it the CLA Wealth Cycle.

There are countless ways to create value for others. If you work a regular job, you provide value to your employer and your employer’s clients or customers. If you work for yourself, you create value for your own clients and customers.