Wedding Planning Checklist 6 months before the “Big Day”

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Approximately 6 months before the “Big Day”, you should turn your attention to the following:

  • Decide who you wish to conduct the ceremony and make sure that he or she is available on the date of your wedding
  • Visit your choices of venues for the reception and make the necessary booking
  • Compile a guest-list
  • Decide who you wish to be you bridesmaids and best-men and make the necessary arrangements with them
  • Do you have a special wedding gown in mind? Now is the time to start your search for that special dress or make that appointment with your dressmaker! And remember, your dress is supposed to be a big secret – especially to your groom!
  • Meet with caterers. Ask them for quotes on different menus. If you have a pre-planned menu in mind, discuss it with them and get a quote – keeping your budget in mind
  • DJ or a live band? Book the one of your choice and discuss the theme of music for the reception
  • Arrange an appointment with a reputable photographer. Obtain his or her quote and make sure what you pay for: Does his or her quote include an album? How many photos will you receive? Do you want photos with ‘special effects’? How many enlargements are included in the quote?
  • Don’t forget the flowers! Visit florists and enquire about the availability of flowers of your choice for the wedding. Some flowers are seasonal and might not be available when you want it
  • Familiarize yourselves with the legalities of the wedding ceremony
  • Place your order for the wedding cake!

Wedding Planning Checklist 6 months before the Big Day

  • Don’t forget your bridesmaids and best-men – its time to get their measurements and look for suitable outfits. And you don’t necessarily have to have your bridesmaids’ outfits made by a dress maker. Visit your local boutique – you might find exactly what you’re looking for, for your bridesmaids, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom.
  • Invitations needs to be finalized. Decide on the design and wording of your invitations. Also remember to include a rough sketch of directions to the church and reception for guests who might not be familiar with your town. Its also a good idea to enquire whether or not your guests would like you to arrange accommodation on their behalf. Alternatively, you could include names and contact numbers of guest houses, hotels or motels in your area if they wish to do their own reservations.
    If you are using a special type of paper-stock for your invites, request the print-house to order enough stock for your church and reception programs as well as thank-you cards you might want to print later, nearer to your wedding day. Obtain two or three quotes if possible, and place your printing order. Your print-house will inform you when they have prepared a proof which you have to approve – please make very sure that there are no typos! If your invitations have to be re-printed, it could cause unnecessary delays and a lot of stress.
  • Have you decided where you wish to spend your honeymoon? Make the necessary reservations and pay the deposit, if required. If you are spending you honeymoon abroad, you need to make sure your passports are in order and apply for visas, if applicable, to the country you are visiting. Arrange for travelers cheques with your local bank. And don’t forget to add all this correspondence to your wedding-file!