Weight lift without the worry of losing your girlish figure

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Women this is for us!

I want to make sure each of you understand that lifting weights will not make you “big”. Female muscle is not the same as males. This number one fear prevents many women from looking like they want.

Have you seen those women that look incredible in a bikini.

How about wearing a tank top and not worrying what your stomach or arms look like? Yes, you got it. You can too! Weight lifting can achieve this. You must understand that women’s and men’s bodies are DIFFERENT! Women don’t have the testosterone level that it takes in order to look like a man. I will keep saying this. Female muscle is different than male muscle. Many women skip out on weight lifting simply because they don’t want to look like those body builders-man or woman.

Weight lift without the worry of losing your girlish figure

Ladies here you go!!

It is ok to lift heavy weights with low repetitions. By doing this you increase your strength and in turn the definition of your muscle. Even though your muscles will continue to get stronger and grow, you will never look like those men, and sometimes women, in the magazines.

Those women that have “incredible bulk” have an aid at there side. Regardless of how they do it, they must increase the level of testosterone in their body in order to achieve the look they have. I stress this highly. You won’t look like a muscle woman!

How about proof?

As I have said before. I am an avid weight lifter and a whole hearted believer in its effects. If you are looking for that body that you can display on the beach or that slinky dress on date night (can you tell I’m married?) weight lifting can do this for you. I offer proof of this “theory”. My picture is posted on my home page. Can you tell I lift weights? Maybe because I’m trim and slim you would assume that I work out but would you guess that I can curl 40 lbs? I workout for approximately 1 hr. 5 days a week and focus heavily on weight lifting. I say this to offer reassurance that you will not lose that girlish figure by lifting weights. It will transform your body into what you desire.