Weightloss Workout – Are You Up For The Challenge?

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Weightloss workout or cardio workout that will increase intensity for effective fat burning, ramps up to keep you motivated, helps you with your coordination and gives extra attention to those trouble spots. Remember before any workout you should always do some stretching exercises to loosen your muscles up. Enjoy working out and always bring your music.

This great weightloss exercise usually takes 30-40 minutes for each session. We will be focusing on 4 different areas: arms, legs, glutes and back. Just follow this workout and you’ll be loosing fat in no time, while your friends are staying the same.

Arms and Shoulders

Equipment – Stationary bike with a pair of 10 lb dumbbells

Exercises Sets Reps
Bicep curl with dumbbell 3 10
Overhead tricep extension with dumbbell 3 10
Overhead press with dumbbell 3 10
Lateral raise with dumbbell 3 10
Bicep curl with dumbbell 2 5
Overhead tricep extension with dumbbell 2 5
Overhead press with dumbbell 2 5
Lateral raise with dumbbell 2 5
Bicep curl with dumbbell 2 5

During these arm exercises, maintain an upright posture by squeezing your shoulder blades together and tightening your abs. Do all these arm workouts with no rest in between sets.

Legs and Glutes

Equipment: Stepmill

Exercise Minutes
Step Foward 2
Step sideways to right 1
Step sideways to left 1
Step backwards 1
Step foward extending right back leg out 2
Step foward extending left back leg out 2
Skip a step 2
Step sideways to right 2
Step sideways to left 2
Rest 2

When using a stepmill, don’t lean on the side rails or grasp them with a “death grip.” If you have trouble, practice stepping without holding on or just rest your fingers on the rails for balance. The more you do this weightloss workout, the more you will see your glutes forming and legs toning up


Equipment: Rowing machine

Exercise Minutes
Overhand grip 1
Underhand grip 1
Left arm only 1
Right arm only 1
Overhand grip 2
Underhand grip 2
Right arm only 2
Left arm only 2
Overhand grip 2
Rest 2

With this weightloss workout you must maintain proper form on the rowing machine to involve the appropriate muscle groups and to also minimize injury. With your arms straight, chest up and eyes focused straight ahead, use a firm but relaxed grip and tighten your abs as you bend forward at the hips. Pull the handle toward your torso as you lean back slightly, pressing through your legs. This weightloss workout will also train your thighs and abs as well.