Welcome to the world of the Spyder Paintball Gun

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Okies, lets get stuck in. Here’s a bit of background information about the Spyder paintball gun and its parent creator, the Kingman International Corp.

The story starts way way back in good ol’ 1992, when a gentleman by the name of Aurthur Chang founded the Kingman International Corporation in Taiwan (where the head office is still to be found to this very day). The Spyder paintball gun family came into being as it flew from being a seed in the mind of the creative engineers onto the shelves in the year 1994, when the very first Spyder was released onto the unsuspecting public.

Kingman’s plan of attack with the Spyder paintball gun was to corner the high performance, low price niche in the market, and try to make paintball a bit more of an accessible sport. Well, they went from strength to strength, and to this day the Kingman Spyder is still probably one of the most popular marker brands in the paintballing world.

Kingman has also begun foraying into producing high performance, low priced electronic trigger markers. One such marker in that range is the Spyder E-99.

Welcome to the world of the Spyder Paintball Gun

The Spyder range is more aimed at the beginner/intermediate player who enjoys recreational or woodsball play. But, with some upgrading, these babies could definitely perform at a low-end tournament level. I firmly believe that you could certainly do a lot worse than with a Spyder paintball gun as a first gun, they are easy to maintain (which is important), reliable and have enough firepower to satisfy anyone just starting out in this awesome sport.

As a side note, the Kingman team do have some higher end markers that are perfect for speedball and tournament play; check out the Raven and BC Limited edition range. Kingman also produces Java accessories, which is a pretty cool range of accessories.