Welcoming Abundance and Prosperity Into Your Life

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Having the ability, and open mind to allow abundance and prosperity into your life is a skill and belief system like anything else. We’re all made up of our pre-dominant thoughts and by focussing on being grateful and having an open heart to allow treasures in, will certainly be a great start to improving our acceptance of great abundance.

If you know anything about the manifesting, you will understand that by “backing off” in a hectic world and “allowing” things to happen, is most definately the most spiritual way to allow abundance and prosperity into our lives.

By surrendering to our spirit that is underlying our bodies and using our thought energy to attract (via the grace of the universe) what it is we wish, which in this case is abundance and prosperity. Is and ideal way to give and to recieve, and practice the wonderful law of abundance.

There are many ideals and mis-understandings when the term abundance and prosperity are used, instantly our minds lock onto “money and riches”, which are only a small fraction of what living in abundance is all about.

We can have abundance in our lives by giving love, help, kindness and graciousness to ourselves and others. Prosperity also comes back to us in the way of many forms, not just money, we can have a prosperous interaction with someone who has great wisdom or knowledge that we seek, this can in turn make us greatly prosperous as well.

Welcoming Abundance and Prosperity Into Your Life

So by being open in our lives and alling abundance and prosperity conciousness to play the utmost part in our daily actions, and feeling good about what it is we do and with pure intentions, we’ll most definately attract both of these wonderful qualities into our lives, more and more.

Not only will we attract them, we’ll be able to share them with greater ease, and break away from the old “scarcity and fear” driven mindset that seems to control so many peoples lives these days.

For instance, what would you think if you I said “you’re going to lose your job tomorrow”, no explanation, but all of a sudden your job was gone, how would you handle it?

It all boils down to your thoughts, and your thouhgts control your destiny and your attitudes decide the altitude you work at on a life quality level.

Example: I had the “fortunate” experience of losing my job one day, for no reason other than, “we’re restructuring you’re out”, for me I was excited, but for my family and friends they were devastated… Why? Becuase they didn’t know any better for a start, they were basically fear driven (except for my parents, who are wonderfully open to the beauty life has to offer).

So here I was without a job, the next day I met with one of my mentors, who happened to know someone who was a small 2 man operation and needed a salesman. I call him up, wonder over there have a chat to him (not an interview) and he says why don’t you come in Monday and we’ll go from there.

No drama’s, no job hunting, no stress, it was easy, I percieved the whole entire thing as there’s an abundance of beautiful people out there who I can work with and enhance their businesses, and there is.

But to many they think “Ooouuggghhh if I loooose my job, it’s the end”, and I can certainly understand that also, a lot of people have very large debts to cover and one most of us are only living from paycheck to paycheck, so abundance and prosperity aren’t visible in those circumstances.

Hopefully this reading is changing your perception of abundance and prosperity conciousnness, and you’ll be a convert from the old poverty and fear mindset.

Really, you get what you put out and that’s getting into the law of reciprocity, and is the topic for another time. Basically, learn to look upon the world in abundance, and give more than you take, and when you do give, think the thought of “there’s always more coming in, than going out” and then forget that thought, don’t read too much into it.

If you give of yourself, without expectation and pure intent, good things will come into your life when you least expect it and finding abundance and prosperity will flow like a major river into the sea.