“We’ve not seen such places of worship like Singapore”

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That’s a statement came from our overseas friends when we show them a long list of places of worship in Singapore.

Which places are good for a visit?” It’s the most asked question. We assumed you have the same question, don’t you?

Actually, all of them are good regardless of the religions. But, of course you won’t be able to visit all places.

So far, I’ve visited about 10 places which have historical & religious value. They were built in early 18th century.

You’ll feel the aura of the past around the building when you visit them. The feeling is unforgettable!

Some of the great places are:

As I have a strong interest in Architecture (not for my husband though), I’ve also visited best places of worship built in recent years designed by local and foreign architects. You’ll see an outstanding modern architectural design with religious value in its shape, details and ornaments.

You shall include the trip to the above places in your holiday planner!

“We’ve not seen such places of worship like Singapore”

Tips when visiting these places:

  • Avoid singlet, low neck, bare-back or other revealing clothes.
  • Do not take picture if you see the “No Camera” sign. Ask permission if you are in doubt.
  • Lower down your voice when talking to each others. Respect the devotees.
  • Set the right attitude when ask for blessing from priest or monk.
  • Leave your shoes or sandals at the entrance door before entering mosque or Hindu temple.
  • Ring the bell fixed on the entrance door of the Hindu temple. Hindu devotee believes that this gesture will make their God grant their pray and requests.