What About Treadmill Motors?

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Unless you are buying a manual treadmill, or a treadmill with no motor, then you have to consider the motor in the treadmill you are buying. As with everything to do with treadmills, you get what you pay for. The more expensive the treadmill, the better will be the treadmill motor you get.

There are a few factors in treadmill motors worth considering though.

A treadmill motor will be rated in horsepower. Generally speaking it is worth making sure that the motor is rated at 1.5 horsepower minimum. 2 hp is better. Unfortunately not all horsepower is equal and some manufacturers measure their horsepwoer a little differently, so it can be a little difficult making a direct comparison, however it is a pretty good general rule.

If you plan to run rather than walk on the treadmill then go for a higher horsepower motor. The same applies if you are significantly over average weight.

And when looking for the best treadmill motors make sure that you know the duty cycle of the motor. Sometimes manufacturers will measure their motors giving a “peak performance” horsepower rating. This is just the maximum power that the motor will produce, probably being it’s maximum it will fail if run at this load for any extended period of time. It does not mean that the motor will run at this load over an extended period of time.

What About Treadmill Motors?

Find out the “continuous duty” horsepower rating of the motor. This tells you what horsepower the motor should put out under continuous load. The treadmill should be able to maintain a continuous motor speed for quite some time under continuous duty.

You may also find that there are AC and DC motors. Generally home treadmills use DC motors and these provide a more smooth application of power to the belt when commencing to run. They should also be more reliable as they have less internal parts.

A larger motor is always better than a smaller one. Even if you don’t push the motor it is always better to have a larger motor as it will run easier, cooler and more smoothly than a smaller one, and probably require less maintenance over time. Unfortunately a larger motor is always more expensive than a smaller one.

The best treadmill motors will also, of course, have the best warranties as well. A very short warranty usually indicates a poorer motor. But see what else is available in that price range. There may be nothing better.