What Activities Are You Going To Do With Your Extra 30 Years?

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Start Creating Your Own Retirement Activity List.

Write Down The Things You Would Like To Do and The Reasons Why! Here are some suggestions:

             For The Mind

  • Go back to school/university/nightschool; retirees are returning to school in droves.
  • Study the stars. Email your grandchildren what stars to look for in the sky.
  • Take an investment course on how to read financial statements: become a better investor.
  • Take self improvement courses; you can’t become rich in your pocket, until you become rich in your mind!
  • Build a Web Site on Your Area of Expertise; discover the fortune that lies hidden in your head.
  • Join Toastmasters; How to get enthusiastic applause everytime you speak.
  • Start an EBay Business; make money!
  • Run for political office; give back to your community.
  • Become a Notary Public
  • Manage Small Rental Properties.
  • Learn Computer Skills.
  • Write and Sell Greeting Cards.
  • Write book or play reviews for local newspapers.
  • Teach English in another country.
  • Learn Bookkeeping.

    For The Body

  • Run a Marathon; lose weight, look great, live longer.
  • Bicycle your age.
  • Live to 100; Many of the Okinawa people do it. To find out how
  • Take dancing lessons.
  • Learn to sail.
  • Take scuba lessons.
  • Climb a Mountain.
  • Learn to ride a horse.
  • Be a Baseball Umpire, Volleyball Referee.
  • Train and Compete for Seniors Games
  • Learn and master yoga.
  • Learn kayaking.
  • Learn Self-Defense.
  • Be a Baseball Umpire, Volleyball Referee.
  • Train and Compete for Seniors Games.

    For The Soul

  • Learn birdwatching; organize a Bird Count.
  • Learn plant propogation; Name a plant after yourself! Grow amazing vegatables at home.
  • Taking cooking lessons (in France, Italy?) Get your cooking bragged about.
  • Master Bridge.
  • Adopt a pet.
  • Form a Reading Club; Join our Book Of The Month Club.
  • Start an Investment Club.
  • Learn Chess; challenging and great for the mind.
  • Learn Furniture Restoration.
  • Learn Upholstering.
  • Teach Sewing.
  • Make a Quilt; create a family heirloom.
  • Teach Your Grandchildren to Fish; one of life’s precious moments.
  • Learn and teach your grandchildren How to Make Hand Shadows.
  • Learn to play a muscial instrument; thousands now play who never thought they could.
  • Take singing Lessons; amaze them at karoke night.
  • Raise Betta fish and sell them on line;an excellent resource site is
  • Volunteer at the Hospital.
  • Restore a car.
  • Learn to speak another language fluently; “they grinned when the waiter spoke to me in French, but their laughter turned to amazement at my reply!”
  • Take interior decorating courses.
  • Join a Theatre Group.
  • Study your Family Tree.

What Activities Are You Going To Do With Your Extra 30 Years?

  • Take Watercolor Lessons.
  • Learn To Juggle.
  • Start a Charity.
  • Read The Bible.Study 10 Great Religions
  • Read 100 Classic Books.
  • Explore the country of your ancestors.
  • Write poetry.
  • Build a boat.
  • Learn to make wine/join a winetaster’s club.
  • Organize a family reunion.
  • Write a book.
  • Volunteer at a library or elementary school.
  • Learn to do pottery.
  • Learn soapmaking.
  • Fund raise for local charity.
  • Create a City Guide.
  • Learn to Knit.
  • Learn Needlepoint.
  • Join a Barbershop Quartet.
  • Learn to Weave.
  • Write the History of Your Town or County; create a website.
  • Improve Photography Skills.
  • Learn to Sculpt.
  • Create a local cycling map.
  • Become an Usher for theater, concerts, sporting events.
  • Catalogue the local flora and fauna.
  • Learn how to write a hit song and sell it.