What am I passionate about?

In personal development it is good to find out what your passion or passions are. Maybe you already know, maybe you aren’t sure. Think of different things that excite you and try to understand your feelings about them.

Passion for me is in this website. When I think of making people happy, or just helping someone change their mood, I get a weird feeling. It is a feeling of passion. I love making other people happy, helping them make a bad day good. Helping people make their dreams come true.

What is your passion?

Brainstorm, dream, reflect… what is it that drives you? I base my goals on my passions. If you’re passionate about it, why wouldn’t you want to do something with it?

Some people have it for art. Some people have it for animals like horses. I used to teach riding lessons and I could tell which students were passionate about horses. They would come for their lesson early, and leave late. Their week revolved around coming to the farm to see their horse. They would talk to them in their stalls, share their troubles or their excitement. They would love every minute they had with them.

What am I passionate about?

That’s a happy life! A life filled with passion. Not everyone has it to the same extreme, some people may not have found their true passion yet. It doesn’t matter. Try to find out what gives you that excitement and drive and see how you can apply it into your life.

Do I have to be passionate about what I’m doing?

I don’t really know. I do know that if you are doing something you have a passion for you will love it though. The reason I think it is an important question to ask yourself is because maybe you are passionate about something and just haven’t looked for ways to bring it into your life. Try it and you might be amazed with ways you can bring it into your lifestyle.

“Go at life every day with passion and enthusiasm… and when challenges arrive, simply do not give up.” Rick Wagoner