What are birthstones?

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What are birthstones? Since ancient times it has been believed that gemstones held mystical and healing powers. Over the ages certain gems have become associated with the twelve signs of the zodiac, and also became known as birthstones.

Every birthstone has a meaning associated with it, which is believed to be characteristic of the person born in that month. A piece of jewellery with a birthstone in it is the ideal personalized birthday gift.

What are birthstones?

January – Garnet – protective, healing, energy, strength, love

February – Amethyst – Psychic, meditation, calming, healing, peace, harmony

March – Aquamarine – peace, harmony, courage, purification

April – Diamond – love, strength, healing, courage, spirituality

May – Emerald – prosperity, fertility, mental powers, psychism, protection

June – Pearl – purity, innocence, perfection, love, protection

July – Ruby – energy, strength, wealth, protection, love, attraction

August – Peridot – prosperity, fertility, protection, health, sleep

September – Sapphire – psychic, meditation, peace, love, harmony, healing

October – Opal – psychism, astral projection, beauty, wealth, luck, power

November – Topaz – protection, confidence, creativity, sleep, healing

December – Turquoise – strength, healing, wealth, love

Birthstones are mostly different to zodiac stones. To find out your zodiac stone and meaning see zodiac.

Wedding anniversaries also have a different gemstone for each year.