What are castles?

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The idea of castles originated from William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, who invaded England in 1066. One powerful way for William to take control of his kingdom and conquered territory was to erect a castle.

Castles were built to establish power of kings, they symbolized ultimate power and served to intimidate the strike fear into the local people.

Kings granted their most loyal subjects, knights or barons who fought valiantly in battle and supported the King, vast estates and permission to build castles.

Three Earls or Lords used the symbol of the Castle to control their lands, keep the local population from rebelling, force the people to work and pay rent to the lord.

Impressive imposing, with thick stone walls—8 to 20 feet thick—towers fortified gateways, moots castles are found throughout Ireland and Scotland.

Many castles are amazingly restored. Others lie in ruin. Castles represent the rich heritage and history of Ireland and Scotland.

What are castles?