What are city sewer procedures?

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If you are enquiring about city sewer, it is not at all complicated. When building a new home in the city or within municipalities there are no such things as septic systems and/or drilled wells. I would be very surprised if there were. When you start construction you have to apply for a plumbing permit, and then you call the town office or city hall to apply for a hook up. The city crews will come and dig their lines up and extend them into the property line. There is a charge for that service!

For single dwelling houses the sewer line is 4”. If you are building a duplex the sewer line remains 4”. You are responsible for hooking your own sewer line up at the property line.

What are city sewer procedures?

The nice thing about city sewage lines is they should never get clogged, unless your youngster tries to flush his hamster down the toilet. There is no septic tank to pump either. The sewer lines carry the sewage to a central location called a sewage lagoon where it is treated, and believe it or not the sewage becomes environmentally safe.