What are ebooks?

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If you want to distribute more information you should consider eBooks as an alternative to emails. Relevant factors include –

  • What is an eBook?
  • The advantages of eBooks for conveying Information?
  • How to go about preparing the content of an eBook
  • How you can give your contacts access to your eBook

eBooks have only begun to become popular over the past few years. On the whole they are similar to conventional books, except they are designed to be read off computer screens rather than the printed page.

Also you don’t have to physically purchase an eBook, not even on, say, a CD. Instead the eBook is downloaded online, directly to your computer where it is retained on the hard disk memory. They can range in size between 5 and a thousand or more pages, although most tend to be between 50 and 200 pages in length.

Although you might be reluctant to accept this at first, eBooks offer various advantages over printed books. For a start they are very much easier and cheaper to publish, and they can be distributed around the world to a specific receiver almost instantaneously.

Now almost anyone can be an eBook author, publisher and distributor. If anything, it is the marketing which is the most difficult aspect, but we will touch on this later.

An eBook also has many advantages over an email. Because you have much more control over the way the written and graphic material is displayed on computer screens, eBooks are much easier to read than typical emails.

You can, of course, also have extensive written material available from a web site. However an eBook is usually much more ‘readable’ than the text on a web page which has inherent limitations in the display quality.

What are ebooks?

Even so, the idea of your actually writing an eBook might still seem overwhelming. After all, you need to be able to produce an extensive piece of text, and you might hardly know where to start.

Fortunately the writing process can be simplified, and you should be able to produce a high quality product, providing you are knowledgeable in a specific field and have something worthwhile to write about.

There are ways to help you organize your ideas, and structure the presentation, and I am in the process of writing an eBook myself on this specific topic.

And you will be glad to know that you don’t need any great technical proficiency to produce an eBook. You can write the text using the Microsoft Word package, taking care to design the page layout so that the information is distinctly arranged and easily readable.

Then you can use a basic software package to convert the Word file into a pdf file. Although this usually can’t be displayed using a standard internet browser, it is easily enough to download an Acrobat Reader for free, and you will find that the text and page layout is displayed in almost exactly the same form as in your original Word document.

You now have the choice of giving your eBook to people who might be interested, or even trying to sell it if it is of particular interest and quality. The easiest way of distributing you eBook is simply to attach the pdf file to an email you are sending.

If you have an auto-responder system set up, then this can be done automatically each time the eBook is requested by anyone.

If you want to sell your eBook, the receipt of payment can also be arranged if you are using a sophisticated auto-responder service.

Alternatively you can download your eBook to a specialist web site from where people can purchase your eBook online and have it downloaded to their computers. I’m sure this will already be giving many readers some exciting ideas.