What are healthy snacks and why eat them?

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… And Why would you choose it?

Healthy snacks like high protein snacks, drinks, shakes, and nuts are far superior to other snacks because of the inherent differences between protein and sugars and fats.

It is well established that when you eat a western type diet you consume a lot more daily calories than you need. High calorie snacks filled with fats and sugars contribute to these extra calories.

Here’s the First Great Reason To Eat High Protein Snacks

Protein is more satisfying than the other two macro nutrients, like fat and sugar, because of specific signals it sends to the brain.

When you snack on protein instead of sugars and fats, the body feels more full which helps you control your appetite between meals, thus cutting calories and controlling your weight.

And the Second…

A second reason for choosing high protein snacks is its thermogenic effect. This refers to the metabolic tax a food puts on the body after we eat it. This metabolic tax for protein is much higher than sugar or fat because the body uses more energy to digest it.

What are healthy snacks and why eat them?

This means that when you choose protein over the other two, you are burning more calories during the process of digestion. Having this higher tax rate is good because protein tends to be low in caloric content, so your body is working harder on fewer calories.

The Third and Final Great High Protein Snack Reason Is..

The final reason to choose high protein snacks over sugars and fats is the body’s need to replenish the building blocks of muscle tissue.

Muscle is important for our daily activities and it determines our metabolism. So the more we maintain our healthy lean muscle mass, the higher we maintain metabolism.

Get a healthy snack when you get hungry in between meals

So the next time you want something quick, choose high protein snacks, drinks, or bars. Avoid high calorie chips, ice cream, candies and sweets.

They are generally much higher in calories, and they offer little nutritional value to the body.