What are natural mattresses?

Natural mattresses, also known as organic mattresses, are becoming more popular now that people are becoming aware of the danger of mattresses made with polyurethane foam.

Why are they dangerous? One reason is that polyurethane foam mattresses emit gasses that are known to cause cancer. Not only that, they are treated with flame retardants and chemicals that make them stain resistant. All of these substances can be toxic.

These same toxic chemicals are present in baby mattresses, too! That’s why many parents are being pro-active about their baby’s health by choosing an organic crib mattress instead of a synthetic one.

So, what are your choices when it comes to a mattress? You could choose the memory foam mattress but those also emit dangerous gasses, indicated by the severe headaches many people complain of in the first few weeks of owning one.

Healthier Mattress Alternatives

Sleeping on a mattress made of natural fibers is a much more comfortable experience. It retains heat in the winter and allows you to wick away moisture in the sticky summer time weather. Here are your alternatives to the conventional mattress:

Organic Cotton/Organic Wool For every pound of conventionally-farmed cotton, ¾ of a pound of chemical pesticide is used during production. Wow! So organic cotton supports the environment plus supports your health. Organic wool covers the cotton since it serves as a natural flame retardant.

What are natural mattresses?

Latex or Rubber Mattress Natural rubber is made by getting the sap from the rubber tree and whipping it up into a latex foam. The tree heals within an hour of being harvested.

If investing in an organic mattress is not in your budget right now, you may choose to use a mattress topper made of natural materials like organic cotton or wool. It’s naturally resistant to mold and dust mites, is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic and may increase the comfort of your present synthetic mattress until you can afford to get an organic one.