What are outdoor curtains all about?

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What’s so good about outdoor drapes ? well they serve several purposes. The first is to look decorative, the second is to offer shade from the sun. Then finally they will give you an element of privacy

Won’t the weather ruin your outdoor drapes ?

If you use an acrylic fabric it will stand up to the worst the weather can throw at it. It is an almost waterproof fabric that won’t noticeably fade. You can use other fabrics such as crypton fabric. This super fabric is used for making outdoor furniture cushions and pet beds. It is totally impervious to water and stain resistant.

What are outdoor curtains all about?

What kind of outdoor drapes are there ?

Well the most common kinds if you buy them ready made are:

Rod pocket curtains

Grommet top curtains

Tab top curtains

If you buy indoor outdoor fabric then you can make pretty much any curtain style.

Where would you hang your outdoor drapes from ?

Well the most common places are from the sides of a gazebo or pergola. This will give them an outdoor room feel. I would recommend you fit tiebacks to keep the curtains from flapping about on a windy day. Also you can drape them into tiebacks simply to dress them into there pleats.

What are outdoor curtains all about?

You could fit a weather proof metal rod on your patio, maybe to simply hide an ugly wall or fence. Or simply to give you some privacy from the neighbors. You would need to fit a couple of wood post into the ground to support your rod if you need to hang your curtain from an area with no other support.