What Are Sushi Knives?

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Sushi knives are the most important tool you’ll need for slicing the fish for sushi, sashimi.

Do you really need a sushi knife? in my opinion yes it is important you do. Why not just use any knife? well you can use a western type knife, but it’s isn’t made for cutting sushi.

Sushi knives are design for the task that will enable you to work more efficiently, and produce superior results that’s why it’s important to have a sushi knife. The different between Japanese and Western knives is the way it was sharpen. The western knife or sharpen on both sides, while the Japanese knife is sharpen only on one side. Also, it takes time to get use to using a sushi knife correctly, because of the way it was sharpen. When you are choosing a knife it’s better to know what type your looking for.

Traditional Japanese knives are made of carbon steel, but most knives now are found using high end stainless steel. Meaning the better the steel, the sharper the knife the cut will be better common types of material you’ll usually find are:

- Carbon steel knives: Extremely sharp blades, but if don’t take care if it is prone to rust.

- Stainless steel knives: Doesn’t rust and don’t need careful maintenance, but blades aren’t as sharp.

- Composite metal knives: Combine the best traits of both types of knives but can be very expensive.

What Are Sushi Knives?

All sushi knives comes in different prices the most expensive are of the best qualities. It can range anywhere from $70 to even in the thousands yes it can be pricey, But if you want to get a pretty good in the medium range at least pay $100 and up.

If you plan on buying a knife figure out what type your looking for, because they come in all sizes and shapes. After you picked out your knife always keep it maintain use a whetstone to keep it nice and sharp.

Use cautions when using a sushi knife injury’s can occur if not use properly.

I hope this will help you with information you’ll need for purchasing a sushi knife.