What Are Sushi Mats?

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Makisu (Bamboo sushi mats) are used for forming sushi it is an essential tool to have, without it you can’t roll sushi it’s woven with bamboo and cotton strings used in food preparations.

It’s a good idea to wrap your sushi mat with plastic wrap to keep it clean, and if your doing a Maki-zushi (inside out roll) it prevent the rice from sticking to the mat. It’s also a good idea to have another mat not wrap in case you plan on doing a roll that has fish or avocado or anything other types of topping you wish to put on your roll.

If that is the case, after you roll your sushi place a piece of plastic wrap on your roll than take the non plastic wrap mat place it on top of your roll and form it like you would on the last stage of rolling a sushi than cut it before removing the plastic wrap. This is what a bamboo mat looks like you can get these online or at any local Asian market:

There’s really nothing fancy to wrapping a bamboo sushi mat with plastic wrap just as long it’s wrap a good tip is to wrap it around at least 3 times.

It really doesn’t matter what brand of plastic wrap you use, you can get them at any grocery store it comes in all kind of name brands it’s just an everyday kitchen tool use to wrap food to keep them fresh. Like for example this is what I use to wrap my sushi mat.

What Are Sushi Mats?

Now remember to always clean your sushi mat before and after uses, to prevent from bacteria, and only re wrap your sushi mat when you plan on using it.