What are the 3 causes of childhood obesity?

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The cause of childhood obesity cannot be laid at the door of any one factor, but it is as a result of what I would term the opposite of ‘small victories everyday’.

If a child has been fed an unhealthy diet from birth then the energy that that particular child should be expending in the school playground when the child goes to school aged five. – is not there.

And it is not there for a reason, three reasons actually. Three strikes against the most vulnerable in society.

1.The unhealthy diet that the child has been fed from birth does not generate energy in the first place, it generates lethargy.- Strike one.

2.Since the energy cannot be generated because the wrong fuel has been used, that fuel,i.e.sugar and fat laden calories gets stored as fat.- Strike two.

3.Since there is no way that an obese child can generate energy, then to expect that child to join in the school exercise activities is cruelty, so the child is left with the option of standing on the sidelines of life and quickly realises that that must be his or her position in life.- strike three.

The cause of childhood obesity is played out everyday, and everyday that it continues, the obese child suffers ‘a small failure’ everyday.

Childhood obesity = failure of wrong eating patterns, failure of wrong food, failure of being branded a failure at any physical activity.

All this has come about not only because the child has not been shown the fun in physical activity but because the food the child has been fed lacks nourishment and it lacks nourishment because it has been highly processed. It has been highly processed to taste good. It tastes good so that the food manufacturers and supermarkets, like the cigarette manufacturers can wring the last dollar from the general public to make the shareholders happy.

Poison can be made to taste good but it does not mean we should eat or drink it or feed it to our children.

What are the 3 causes of childhood obesity?

It has been well documented by childhood obesity statistics that children as young as five are being assessed as being either obese, or at risk of obesity, if that is so then the time to act is now.

The greatest action that any parent can take is to become knowledgable about nutrition so that a main cause of childhood obesity can be defeated.It has been said that knowledge is power but that is not true. It is knowledge applied that becomes power.

If an obese child is suffering from ‘small failures’ every day then that failure leads to powerlessness in life. Powerlessness to realise that it is not that particular chocolate bar that will lead to diabetes, but that particular chocolate bar eaten ten thousand times over a course of several years in a vacuum of poor nutrition.

The old cliche, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. – show him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime holds true for a child. To teach a child the difference between good nutrition and bad is to offer that child the gift of life.

To feed that child good nutritious food is to guarantee life not just existence.

As an example of what is possible with a little knowledge take for instance the black Chinese mo-er mushroom. Eaten in small amounts, this mushroom thins the blood better than aspirin and without the side effects. Imagine the power of extending someone’s life who has furred arteries simply by the nourishment contained in one small mushroom. Yet it is only this particular mushroom, no other.Now multipy that knowledge and apply it to everything you feed your child. Do you think it would make a difference?

Imagine the power and energy that good nutrition gives to a child. Power to protect and offer them life by kick starting their metabolism and giving them energy on tap to burn stored calories.

Imagine the power of introducing a child to a range of activies like rock climbing, or a field trip to identify life giving herbs and plants. Imagine the power to introduce a small child to the widest range of physical activities possible to give that child an opportunity before it becomes too late.

Every parent understands the evil of drugs, and the need for drugs education in schools but since obesity is catching up on heart disease as the biggest killer, who is allowing the soda manufacturers access to the school grounds in exchange for school funds.

Showing a child the power that is wrapped up in good nutrition and showing a child that that power can become theirs in the form of energy and a slim figure and good health for life, and showing a child that they can even grow this nutritious food in their back yard or even a window box is showing a child that they can take control of their life from an early age and do not have to be the victim of powerlessness.

Doing this on a daily basis leads to ‘small victories every day’ that in turn lead to happiness and joy and not misery and dejection.