What are the advantages of digital photography?

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Advantages of Digital Photography

Wow…where do we start ?

Alright….Here we Go,

Never having to buy film ever again, this is a huge statement. I’d like for you to Imagine for a moment of an upcoming Special family event.

Being a Digital Photographer you bring along a couple of memory flash cards, capable of taking approximately 700 good quality images. To bring the equivalent amount of image taking opportunities, you would need to purchase roughly 29 rolls of film…..when was the last time you strolled into any store and purchased film in this type of quantity?

The cost of those 29 rolls would be in the neighborhood of $175.00, adding the cost of processing and printing brings your total cost to $320.00 for 1 event !

The advantages of Digital photography allow you to preview and print only those images you wish to.

For arguments sake, lets print off 200 of the 700 images taken at the fictious family function.

With an average price of 25 cents, your cost would be only $50….a huge savings as you realize the amount of Special events and photographic opportunities that take place every year with family and friends.

The advantages of Digital Photography clearly shows how you can save money and shoot more…..what a combination ! As human beings we are always looking to find ways of making our lives easier. Another of the many advantages of Digital Photography is the time needed to load your camera.

What are the advantages of digital photography?

Lets start with film, you open the little box,you open the plastic container holding the film cannister…pop open the back of the camera, and in subdued light ( as not to fog the film ) you weave the end of the film onto the take up spool of the camera making sure it secures properly or the film will not advance to the next frame once you begin shooting…..close the back of the camera and you are Done.

Loading your memory card requires you to pop open the compartment that holds the memory, slide it inside the camera as per your camera’s instructions ( does not have to be in subdued light ), you close the memory card door and your done……as staples business depot says ” wow, that was easy “

The advantages of Digital Photography allow for less occurances of human error. One of the top advantages of digital photography that allows me not to miss film any more – Picture yourself photographing various combinations of people at a Family function.

You have fired off 2 or 3 quick pictures of Grandma and Grandpa, now if you using film, you’ll need to wait until the party is over, you’ve finished using the film, and processed it at your favorite photo finisher….this is going to take a little time, I hope the pictures turned out Ok…. I hope everyone had their eyes open and their expressions were nice.

Here once again, the advantages of digital photography wins out over film.

Using digital allows you to quickly peek at the LCD screen and check to see if (a) your exposure was good, (b) any eyes were closed and (c)you realize you should have been closer, farther, using a different angle, you see someone’s foot in the bottom left corner.

To illustrate the above story a little further, let me tell you what happened to me. While photographing a lovely bride with her dad before heading off to church, I quickly checked my lCD screen on the camera…..much to my horror, the bride had her eyes closed in every image I took with her dad…YIKES !

I quickly composed them again, and 5 shots later, I had 5 good images of the bride and her dad……being film based would have meant hours of painstaking retouching to fix the photos. At times, I think we have a little bit of paranoia in us….let me explain.

Years ago, when you photographed with film, after you took great care to load it, unload it, and bring it to be processed…only for your precious film to fall victim to an “accident ” by a third party in the process chain.

I still get teary eyed when I remember back to the drug store that said they could not find my film…..speechless was all I could feel.

The Big advantage of digital photography is for my ( and yours )peace of mind, there are less steps in the process to get your pictures when shooting in the new format.

A great advantage of digital photography, you can choose to either upload to your computer, edit and print….or take your memory card to one of the many photo kiosks to view, edit and print……say bye bye to the nice middleman. ISO…..come on, not another acronym !Don’t worry, ISO is just a term for film speed ( both in film and digital …wow !).

Using film, the ISO was set automatically by the camera by reading the DX code on the film cassette…..and some cameras allowed manual setting of the ISO film speed.

So if you bought 400 speed film, your ISO would be 400 while shooting that roll….but what if you wanted to change the ISO ? In the digital world, by setting a manual or creative setting on your camera you effectively changed the ISO to correspond with that particular setting.

Setting your camera to sports mode to catch your little girl during ballerina class, a high ISO would be chosen by the camera, while a lower ISO would be picked for daylight image opportunities.

Automatic modes on cameras will choose the ISO believed to produce the best possible photo.

A big plus allowing you to change the ISO to suit your shooting needs at that time…try that on for size you film thingy you.

As technology improves, more advantages of digital photography over film based usage will surface and astound us all.