What are the benefits of an RV Vacation?

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Taking a family vacation is great fun. We work hard all year so we can afford two weeks in the sun each summer to relax and take life easy. To most of us the ideal family holiday usually consists of catching a flight to our destination, then staying in a hotel and maybe hiring a car to see a bit of the local area.

This can make a great vacation. Firstly you usually fly to somewhere warm and sunny, you stay in a nice hotel with good food, comfortable beds and a great pool. And if you end up hiring a car you can take in some local attractions to liven things up. But when you sit down and think about how much this all costs you, you realise that you’re having to pay out for flights, hotel and car hire. And this can get pretty expensive.

Well let me tell you about RVing. First of all you don’t need to be rich and you don’t need to be over 50 to enjoy the whole RV experience. RVs of all shapes and sizes can be rented all across the United States and Canada: Motorhomes are the most popular choice, and range from compact class B models to sleep two people to huge class A super luxury motorhomes which sleep up to 10 people and provide every imaginable home comfort.

The nations 16,000 public and privately owned campgrounds are set amongst some of the most beautiful scenery and provide a wealth of facilities. If your idea of an RV park is a field with some RVs parked up in it and a toilet block in one corner then think again. Todays RV traveller can dine in a restaurant, play tennis, swim in the pool, take a sauna and drink in a bar, all without leaving the campground.

But why do people take RV vacations anyway? What’s wrong with the standard fly/drive vacation? Well, to compare the two types of vacation lets take an imaginary family comprising Mom and Dad, and their two kids. Lets imagine the son is 7 years old and their daughter is 18 months. And lets give them a dog as well.

Now Dad has always wanted to go to San Francisco and the kids are constantly asking to go to Disneyland. So his obvious choice would be to fly to San Francisco then pick up a hire car. Spend a couple of nights in a hotel in San Francisco before driving, or maybe flying, down to Los Angeles. Then do Disney and stay in another hotel near the resort for a few days before picking up a flight home from Los Angles.

But what if Mom had suggested hiring an RV. Dad could drive down to his local RV rental center and pick up a nice motorhome. A motorhome with room on board for the baby’s stroller and countless other baby essentials. A motorhome equipped with a tv, DVD and computer game console to keep the 7 year old happy. A motorhome with ample space for Mom and Dads mountain bikes, Dads fishing gear, and even room on board for the dog.

They could load up the RV at leisure and hit the road when they please, rather than cramming everything into suitcases and racing down to the airport to stand in some endless flight check in queue.

Once on the road our imaginary family could sit back in comfortable seats, rather than squeezing themselves into airline seats. As they leisurely make their way down to San Francisco they can take in the beautiful countryside and call in a various tourist attractions before parking up each night in a series of well equipped and reasonably priced RV parks.

There are a whole load of excellent RV parks in and around San Francisco and Disneyland, set in both rural and metropolitan locations, so our family would have plenty of choice. After doing Disney they could either drop their RV off at a rental center in Los Angeles and fly home, or could drive it back to their local rental center.

What are the benefits of an RV Vacation?

So what benefits would the RV vacation have provided our family with?

By choosing to hire an RV our family would have avoided paying out three times for flights, hotels and car hire. They would have enjoyed a more relaxing vacation as they would not have been tied to flight schedules, hotel mealtimes etc. They would have seen a whole lot more of the beautiful state of California, rather than being squeezed into an airplane. They would have avoided the need to have to cram everything into suitcases and carrying all their luggage. They could take all the baby’s equipment, their mountain bikes, the kids X Box games.

They could eat what they wanted when they wanted it using the RVs fully fitted kitchen, rather than eating at set hotel mealtimes. And the dog got to come along for the holiday too – though I’m not sure he’d have been able to enjoy Disneyland!

So next time you think about your next family vacation, make sure you consider the RV rental option. It could be the difference between a good vacation and a really great vacation.