What are the benefits of organic food?

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Benefits of organic food are still up for debate within the food industry, even though recent studies have indicated that there is higher nutritional value in some organic foods. Since organic produce can’t be sprayed with preservatives, it’s important to get it to the market as quickly as possible to stop it from spoiling faster. It’s the shorter time “from vine to mouth” that makes organic foods taste better and fresher.

You can also count on the fact that eating organic foods will:

  • reduce the amount of toxins that you will ingest
  • reduce the amount of food additives and colorings that you will ingest
  • avoids genetically modified organisms
  • increase the amount of vitamins, minerals, EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) and antioxidants that you’ll eat

Reducing and avoiding altogether the amount of food additives and colorings in your food is important because ingesting additives and colorings can cause all kinds of health problems. Lots of people are allergic and there’s also a belief that some can cause serious diseases such as cancer.

Having genetically modified organisms (GMO) in your food can be a cause of concern for many people because no one knows for sure what the affect is on our health when we eat something that has GMO’s in it.

A GMO is an organism whose genetic traits have been altered using genetic engineering techniques. The purpose is to improve an organism’s appearance or add a new trait. Ironically, it’s been used in agriculture to improve the nutrition of produce or meat but farmers who use these techniques really don’t know how genetic engineering may be affecting other nutritional aspects or affects of the food.

What are the benefits of organic food?

Antibiotics and hormones found in meat and dairy products (milk and eggs) can also cause serious health problem for humans, such as the suspected link to hormones in cow’s milk with higher incidences of hormone dependent cancers (testicular, prostate and breast).

Considering what you’re avoiding by eating organic foods, it appears that the benefits of organic foods definitely outweigh conventionally grown foods.