What Are The benefits Of Porphyry For Your Backyard Waterfall?

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Porphyry, the only case out of all stone materials, can be used in various pieces that go from the smallest cube (side of 4-6 cm) to the larger cube (14-18 cm) that produces very expressive results.

The same thing is true for tiles that go from a minimum size of 10×10 cm to a series of sizes of 60×60 cm or 70×70 cm, up to sizes that are more than one metre. It must be said that the bigger the size of the element, the larger the thickness.

Porphyry has an extremely diversified chromatic range depending on the place where it is quarried, it goes from the classic grey, pale blue to the rust red, and a particular range of dark reds and violets.

Therefore, by utilising just porphyry pieces your backyard design can be realized with very different colours.

To highlight some parts of a design, porphyry combines well with most other stone materials. However, it must be remembered that the wear and degradation characteristics are not the same for all materials and the hardness of porphyry is considerable.

Your very own backyard waterfall or fountain can be modeled depending on the surroundings, landscape and architectonic characteristics of the “site”.

To achieve a superb looking for your projects is easy using porphyry tiles with a machined surface. They are extremely elegant and refined.They really give a touch of class to any kind of garden, backyard waterfall or fountain.

What Are The benefits Of Porphyry For Your Backyard Waterfall?

Irregular tiles are particularly suitable for gardens and yards and can be used for almost any backyard landscaping idea: they suit house courtyards, villa entrances, garden pathways, backyard waterfall building, commercial yards,etc.

Porphyry is a very hard stone, so it’s practically impossible to scratch it,unless you don’t try with a harder material… I know only diamond that can do that!

Due to this hardness, it’s also very rare that the porphyry can be broken by the collision with heavy things.

This natural paving stone is a money-saver for your backyard design because of its durability: it will last almost forever…