What are the benefits of using a digital camera for DVD movie creation?

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The quality of digital photos is one of the benefits of using a digital camera for your DVD movie. There is nothing better than watching your movie on the television screen with crystal clear digital photos. With a camera you can preview the snapshot of your photo immediately after the shot is taken with your camera’s build in color monitor. If you don’t like the preview then you can easily delete it and then take another one. They are not like the old instant camera’s where if you took a snapshot you didn’t like then it was money wasted on film.

If you are in a hurry the digital camera is a fast way to transfer your digital photos into the computer, unlike the scanner which seems to take hours especially if you have lots of photos.

What are the benefits of using a digital camera for DVD movie creation?

To transfer your digital photos you have two options they are..

  • USB Ports – Digital Camera’s come equipped with a cable that hooks to your USB port and they also come with a cd for installing drivers and the software you need for image viewing and editing.
  • Memory Cards- Most new computers now have a slot for your memory cards so you just need to insert the card into the allocated computer slot. The slots for your memory cards are located on the front of your computer tower.NOTE: Make sure you install the drivers and software via the cd that come with your camera before hooking up the USB cable to the computer. .

    The downfall of using a camera is that it can be expensive depending on the kind of features you want, but the benefits truly outweigh the cost. Still, if you look around the internet you can find some really great deals. Click here for a great selection of bargain priced digital camera’s. If you want a camera for just creating DVD movies you can get by with a 3 megapixel camera or less.

    Memory cards are usually sold seperately from the camera. The cost depends on how many photos you want your memory card to hold.