What are the best diets for controlling anxiety?

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What people do and don’t eat everyday has a direct effect on how they feel on a daily basis.

Below is a list of things that are consumed and how they affect the human body.

Foods to Avoid

Caffeine. Mimics adrenaline, can over stimulate the central nervous system and cause poor quality of sleep, palpitations, shakiness, nervousness, short temper, concentration issues, anxiety and panic attacks.

Found in soda pop, coffee, tea, diet pills and other products. Read the labels and avoid those that have caffeine.

**note** Caffeine withdrawal can cause migraine headaches. Slowly reduce the amount of caffeine you are ingesting until you get to a comfortable enough level to quit all together.

White Sugar. Refined substance that can cause mood swings and anxiety if ingested in large quantities.

Chips, cookies, cakes, candy bars, chocolate, etc. Look for snacks containing natural sweeteners such as Carob, Fructose (fruit based sweeteners) and Barley Malt Sweetener – found at health food stores and some major grocery store chains.

Alcohol. Alcohol robs your body of magnesium causing nervousness and irritability and interferes with absorption of food and minerals.

Cigarettes. Nicotine stimulates your body in the same way that your fight or flight response does. It tenses muscles, increases heart rate and creates feelings of alertness. Nicotine is as addictive as heroin.

Foods to Add

What are the best diets for controlling anxiety?

Multivitamin Containing B-Complex and Vitamin C. Vitamin deficiencies can cause depression like symptoms.

Unprocessed meats. More of the vitamins and minerals stay in the meat while making sure additives and preservatives stay out of it.

Filtered or Bottled water. Keeping yourself hydrated improves your bodys ability to process foods and absorb vitmains and minerals.

Raw Fruits and Vegetables. Same reason as for unprocessed meats plus the high water content in the vegetables helps keep your body hydrated.