What are the characteristics of Boss Black Watches?

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Boss Black watches sets a new standard for luxury timepieces.

There are many watches that fall under the luxury category, but what makes the ‘Boss Black’ collection is their elegant modern classic looks.

Ideal for formal or smart casual wear, the trademark feature of this line is the use of black, white and silver colour on the majority of the designs.

However, there are a few models that incorporate a golden and brown colour although this is not as common.

If you take an overall look at the collection of ‘Boss Black’ watches you will notice that they have their own distinctive look and feel that sets them apart from other brands.

Targeted towards young adults and adults alike, the strength of this collection is backed up by the wearers strong personality.

What are the characteristics of Boss Black Watches?

  • Perhaps the most notable feature is the use of only traditional colours especially black, white and silver and occasionally brown and gold. The play on these colours gives off a sensual feel and look to the range which this collection is renowned for.
  • The only additional complications available within this range is the chronograph stopwatch and standard date functions. Despite the limited functions, the brand makes the most out of the function designs which make up the whole sophisticated essence of the watches.
  • The Materials used give the overall look and feel of a luxury watch. BOSS Black makes good use of traditional materials such as real leather and stainless steel for the wrist straps and mineral glass for the face. The higher quality sapphire glass face is incorporated into some of the higher end of the ‘Boss Black’ range of watches.
  • Another notable feature of this watch is the designs of certain watch parts. The faces and dials are mainly either rounded or square. It may sound basic, but thats the very same thing that gives the watches a subtle sophisitcated look.
  • You may be suprised to hear that the BOSS Black collection starts from around £100 with the higher end models finishing at near £400. The majority of them are between the £200-£300 range, but for a luxury watch of the BOSS Black calibre, its quite good value.

It may not be long before you are drawn into the whole element of BOSS Black watches. Whether you’re a businessman or just a serious man, its likely that you will be able to picture having one of these watches on your wrist.