What are the characteristics of the rietti GTX Electric bike?

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The most advanced electric bike design in the world.

The Rietti GTX electric bike will turn heads where ever you go.

Designed in the Italian style, this is an electric super bike that you will be proud to ride.

An extraordinary aerodynamic frame and body, with a 180 watt motor that has been custom designed and super tuned to give an extra 50% more power.

The Rietti GTX electric bike is a revolutionary machine that has won awards for it’s design and engineering excellence accross Asia.

If you’ve never ridden an electric bike, try this one. You,ll be amazed at the graceful, stunning style and exhilarated by the rush of excitement from the powerful electric motor.

The Rietti can be powered up hills, or you can pedal as a normal mountain bike if you want the excercise.

Which ever you choose you won’t have a more breath taking experience on an electric bike.

  • * Speeds of 20 mph
  • * Range 30 miles (at 180 lbs weight)
  • * 24 volt extended life power pack
  • * Reinforced chrome handle bars with silicone rubber grips
  • * Right hand twist throttle for easy acceleration
  • * Advanced dual disc brakes for excellent stopping power
  • * Dual headlights for great night vision
  • * Brake lights for added safety
  • * Turn signals

The Rietti GTX electric bike is a class act and stands out from the crowd

A stunning machine for the cyclist who wants to be at the cutting edge of technology in electric transportation.