What Are The Different Styles Of Sushi?

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Did you know that there are many different types of sushi ? some of the most popular ones just to name a few; Uramaki, Nigiri-zushi, Maki-zushi, Chirashi-zushi, Oshi-zushi, and the Temaki (hand roll).

There are many styles, but not a lot of people knows the different. You should give them a try next time when you visit your local sushi restaurant.

Uramaki (inside out rolls) are basically sushi roll with nori on the inside, rice on the outside, and it needs a bamboo mat to form into a cylindrical shape. Example like the most popular roll in America the California roll.

Maki-zushi is the same as the uramaki except the rice is on the inside and the nori is on the outside, but it still have the cylindrical shape which need a bamboo mat to form. Traditional sushi from Japan are original rolled that way.

Nigiri-zushi is a pretty popular style, they’re easy to eat, you can eat them with your hands it’s basically rice ball form by the palm of the Hand usually in a oval shape and usually is topped with raw seafood. There’s also other form of nigri like Gunkan-Maki and Temari-zushi.

What Are The Different Styles Of Sushi?

Gunkan-Maki is a type of nigiri-zushi, also called the battleship sushi its an oval hand-formed clump of sushi rice that has a strip of “nori” wrapped around its perimeter to form a vessel that is filled with some soft, loose or fine-chopped ingredients.

Temari-zushi a form of nigiri-zushi its ball-shaped sushi made by pressing rice and fish into a ball-shaped form by hand using a plastic wrap.

Oshi-zushi is sushi rice topped with ingredients which is press in a wooden box to form a clean cut rectangular shape sushi.

Chirashi-zushi literally mean “scatter sushi” is sushi rice tossed with other ingredients in a bowl or can be topped with seafood and vegetables.

Temaki roll (Hand roll) is sushi that is rolled by hand into a cone like shape like an ice cream cone and is good to be eaten right away while its still crispy, It’s also a good to go type of sushi, and also fun for party’s where you can let everyone make there own.

Inari-zushi is rice stuffed in pouch of fried tofu bag that has a very rich flavors. It’s one of the oldest sushi still around about 150 year old is very popular in Japan and is commonly used as a casual snack, picnic, or on to go lunch.

I hope these information gave you some of the insight on the types of sushi that are available so give them a try.