What are the different theme cruises?

Elvis Elvis

Theme Cruises are one type of cruise that are gaining popularity daily it seems. The type of cruise themes that are now available are limited only by your imagination. You might think I am blowing a bit of smoke with that comment but trust me when I say I’m not. With the prices that a themed cruise can be had for these days they fall into the cheap vacation goal of most travellers these days. Read on for where to find some great trip ideas.

Let me give you a few samples of the type of themed cruises that various cruise lines have booked in the last year.

Photography Cruises

Shutterbugs learn to take their best shots aboard a Photo theme cruise to assorted exotic locations. The destination alone is like jumping into the pages of national geographic. Learn about depth of field, apertures and night photography with on board experts.

Pirates Week.

Pirates, Wenches and Bountiful Treasure Chests! Are you ready for some rip roaring, rum swigging, skirt chasing, politically incorrect, swashbuckling fun? You’ve come to the right place! This party celebrates all of the things that make being an adult fun. From Sexy Sea Hunts and Sea Battles, to finally learning the truth about which captain has the biggest cannon. These theme cruises are not for the faint of heart. Take one if you dare! You be in for a week of legendary partying you don’t want to miss out on! aaaaaaaaaaargh!!

What are the different theme cruises?

Singles Cruises

Singles cruises are the singular most popular theme cruise to date, and it’s pretty clear why—they’re fun, laid-back and guaranteed to put a spring in your step. With a casual and intimate atmosphere it’s ideal for meeting others, so if you’re looking for someone special, cupid couldn’t think of a better place to try his luck. Most cruise line that run singles cruises do their best to ensure that there are equal numbers of rogues and wenches aboard. These cruises book very quickly, so be sure to book your berth well in advance!!!!

That is just a small sampling of the kind of theme cruises theme cruises you will find. They really do run the range. The ones listed here are the more tame ones. Or perhaps the more common ones, you can take Beatles or 60′s cruises. Halloween Cruises.. it really is endless. If you’d like to share a theme cruise you’ve been on, please drop us a line.

Themed cruises tend to be a lot more laidback than a regular cruise. Usually with no formal eating attire expected. For the most part they are held on smaller ships, of less than one hundred passengers. Of course there are exceptions to that rule.

It also never hurts to check out the old stand bys the all-in-on sites. Although Hotwire won’t actually have a listing called theme cruises they do have a huge selection of cruises available. Often times if you know a particular cruise line is having a themed cruise you can book that ship from a site like Hotwire. If can’t hurt to double check. Many times people look for one thing, but end up at a place like Hotwire and see something else that appeals to them for much less money. Again the key is, choice. It’s a lot easier to do via the net than it is over the phone or hunting through book after book.

Good Luck!!