What are the features of the cartoon cats?

I feel that the best way to show the different ways of

capturing the cartoon cat features, is if I draw them separately…. Not just one, but many in order for you to compare them.

And it cant hurt if you also sit down with a piece of paper, and just sketch away at these different details that make up a cartoon cat, again and again. Repetition is good to do.

Cartoon Cat Ears

From flea bitten to pointy. From dopy to darn right inquisitive. Have a look and see for yourself, and determine which ear you would choose for your cat subject, and how you would put them together.

  • You have side angles, to straight forward.

  • One style to another.

  • From a basic ear, to an advanced ear.

Try drawing them yourself, and also as an exercise, Why not envision yourself how you would create a cartoon cat character which each of them. That’s right…. I’m trying to stretch your imagination here.

What are the features of the cartoon cats?

Cartoon Cat Mouths

You don’t have to go overboard here, the cats mouth is complicated. But not in cartoons, were trying to capture the cat in a humorous way. And a minimal cartoon is usually the way to go.

Here I have drawn a side view, front view, and a surprised view. You don’t have to be precise when drawing a cartoon cat. Cartoons give you the chance to determine how and what sort of character you are going to do. So the features can be more dramatized, and as long as its looks like a cat, just go with it.

Cartoon Cat Eyes

You have different shapes here, this can determine the cats temperament, character, and also situation. Surprise, fright, intention and mood. Eyes are expressive, so use them to your fullest, they don’t have to be detailed at all. Even the most basic can give so much impact.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”~ Scott Adams

There are no hard and fast rules in how the eyes should be, you can determine this for yourself.

Cartoon Cat Tails

Even to the tail, you can see that the shape, and of course fur can give so much character in itself.

 Don’t dismiss the cats tail, it can give allot of impact to your cartoon cat drawing. As you can see by these drawings, whether it be the angle, (which can also be exaggerated). Or the shape. You are adding to the expression of the cat in a particular situation, the tail is expressive. And when you think about it when looking at a cat. We do determine its moods by the tail more than we realize.