What are the health dangers of junk food?

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Health watchdogs warn that our continuing consumption of fast food and ready meals are making many people deficient in essential vitamins and minerals. Essentially It is up to parents to educate children on healthy eating but if parents are not having a healthy diet themselves, the problems are perpetuated from one generation to the next.

Children get connected to junk food in a way that can become obsessive. Children often do not get educated at school about what good nutrition is or even where their food comes from. If parents are not strict enough about what food their children eat when they get home from school, then they don’t get enough essential nutrients like iron, calcium and vitamins.

This is having a huge effect on children’s brain power, their ability to concentrate and learn, and their behaviour patterns. The artificial additives in many of these junk foods actually cause Attention Deficit Syndrome, hyperactivity and generally bad behaviour. It also makes children more susceptible to illness as their immune systems are weakened.

The warnings follow estimates that 40 per cent of hospital and care home residents are malnourished with staff lacking the time to help the elderly and weak to eat the meals, and that these meals often have poor nutritional value in the first place.

What are the health dangers of junk food?

Increases in Sugar

The UK already has one of the worse obesity statistics in Europe, with almost a quarter of adult classed as obese. Foods with traditionally healthy appeal have up to twice the amount of sugar in them compared to thirty years ago.

Breakfast cereals, whole meal bread and soups are among those which have become a lot sweeter over the years. While the Government and health watchdogs have focused on encouraging a reduction of salt in food manufacture, sugar levels have gone up almost unchecked.

The Food Standards Agency wants food companies to reduce hidden sugars in their products and is considering imposing legal limits. Our sweet tooth is causing us to have many health problems. Sugar is cheap to use and it’s one of the things that are first added when a company wants to make a product a bit different.

Experts have warned that unless the government acts soon, there will be a huge surge in numbers afflicted by malnutrition, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.