What are the healthiest sources of fat?

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Now we are in my favourite part of natural healthy food list which is all about the healthiest fats, fats which will make your skin, hair, muscles and the rest of your body healthy and strong for the rest of your life.

With no fats in diet your body can’t build and exchange cells. Fatty acids are primary building blocks of cells membranes. When you cut out carbohydrates and junky foods from your diet and replace them with more proteins and healthy fats soon you will see that your skin is more firm and shining.

For this effect you won’t be waiting long, it will take only about 2 to 3 weeks.

About 1 to 2 weeks after you included good size portion of fats to your new healthy diet you will recognize that your energy have increased and that will change completely your behaviour and will make your life much easier.

Many people reported that they have much more energy and “life force” after switched to diet which is based mainly on animal proteins and fats. This is why natural healthy food list is so important for our health.

My own experiences are exactly the same. I’m remember one evening when I made my first low carbohydrate high fat meal. When I finished my fatty dinner I was completely full and ready to go to read some book and just lay down rest of the evening on my sofa.

That was probably my first fatty meal in my life so my digestive enzymes responsible for digestion of fats were not fully working yet. Digestion of that fatty meal took me probably more time than normally would have.

Anyway the best was next day morning, I wake up full of energy and I was immediately ready to make something for breakfast, take shower and go to work. No laziness or morning’s lethargy, nice

Olive oil is one of good and healthy fats. It must be on your natural healthy food list.
Believe me if you try this diet once you will never say again that fats are bad and unhealthy.

Next good news is that your blood coagulability will change for better and if you will cut yourself or do anything else to make you bleed your blood will stop leaking really quickly. Your wounds will heal fast and painlessly.

If you eat “normal” civilization diet promoted by food pyramid your immunological system is working in about 20% maybe 25% of its full power…Which means that you are make living without protection, your shield is “switched off”!

What I call “shield” is your private army of guards which are leukocytes, NK cells (NK=Natural Killer) and few more. These guys should protect you against harmful bacteria and toxins but they cannot do that if you eat hundreds of carbohydrates and drink ten cups of coffee a day.

One hundred or more of carbohydrates per day and lack of fats and proteins will cause strong poisoning in your organism.

In answer to that poisoning your body will send your “guards” to sort it out, and the worst is that this is happening day after day for many years. So it is no surprise that after 30 or 50 years of living and eating this way your “security systems” are DEAD.

If your “guards” are dead you are very likely to get cancer, obesity or cardiovascular problems.Lack of fat in your diet will seriously slow down production of these so important for your health cells. This is too much for your organism…

That is bad scenario which you will keep away from by simple modifications of your diet. Fats are deadly important for you so eat them a lot and don’t worry about nothing, you will be ok.

First healthy fat on our natural healthy food list will be beef suet. What is beef suet? It is white and hard fat which is found around the beef or muttons kidneys. It has perfect fatty acids ratio and is very healthy for your body, is ideal for cooking and baking but first must be chopped very well.

This kind of fat was eaten by our ancestors and for sure is one of the best and healthiest fats available.

Buy only real suet in form of white and hard raw cuts. In sale is many suet-like products which are already prepared for cooking but you never can be sure that there is no additive or vegetables hydrogenated oils.

How to prepare suet for cooking? It’s simple, take a frying pan and put it on very slow fire, after is hot add some water to it and place small pieces of chopped suet on it.After some time suet will be completely malted and ready to go into bowls.

Put it in bowls, wait until is cool down and then put it in refrigerator. Suet prepared this way will be good for use for very long time.

On the other hand if you decided to leave suet in raw state you should remember to keep it in freezer, otherwise will spoil very soon.

Beef suet is perfect for all kind of cookig and prepared well is very healthy and tasty
You can add some herbs if you like or even berries to make suet taste better. Beef or even better- buffalo suet are the healthiest and most natural animals fats, so make sure that you have some on the side to add variety to your healthy diet (beef suet is the most important fat on natural healthy food list).

There is one more very good snack in sale called “Pemmican”. Pemmican is a Native North American food of dried meat and suet. It is so full of energy and nutrients that one or two bars per day are enough even for a big guy.

Pemmican is perfect as a snack; you can keep it in room temperature and still will be good for use for months! This is because of very high solidity of saturated fatty acids from beef suet. It’s one of the most natural snacks we can imagine and is so healthy and tasty.

What are the healthiest sources of fat?
Next one on natural healthy foods list is butter. Butter must be REAL, not fake mix of vegetables oils and other man-made “fats”. You can eat cow or goat butter, both are excellent sources of saturated and monounsaturated fats with good portion of vitamins A, D, and vitamin E.

It is not true that butter will make you fat; butter like other animal fats simply can’t make your belly bigger.

Real butter has amazing taste. I would never use “butter pretending” products in my kitchen because they clearly don’t have a taste at all, none of them.

Butter is very sensitive to high heat and it is burning really quickly so be careful when you doing your scrambled eggs or some other meals. Burned butter is very dangerous for our bodies because it is factory of free radicals and other toxins.

I like to eat butter in raw unheated state with honey and cinnamon or just to add it to my meaty meals on the end of the cooking.

Butter is perfect source of fatty acids so eat plenty of it, it is so important in this HUMAN diet that it must be in your kitchen.
Natural healthy food list can`t exists without real butter so make sure that every time you go shopping you buy some good real butter.

Next on our natural healthy food list is coconut oil. For many people coconut oil is still not very well known and even worst: some of people including even doctors and health practitioners describe coconut oil as an unhealthy.

Coconut oil is one of the healthiest sources of fats which you can get these days. Why it is so good for you? Because 99% of it is saturated fat! But what is the best about saturated fat (medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil) is that this fat can’t be stored as a under skin fat!

It is used straightway as energy (but there is one important condition! You have to keep carbohydrates low) and this means: you never be fat or obese.

Actually if you include coconut oil to your diet you will lose weight (you will lose fat tissue not muscles). Important is to track Human diet. Use only healthy foods from this website and YOU WILL SUCCEED.

Another good source of fat in natural healthy food list is olive oil, but it must be cold pressed virgin olive oil. Olive oil is known to reduce cholesterol but main reason why it is so good is his contents of monounsaturated fats in perfect not damaged form.

Olive oil is not good for cooking because under high temperature is oxidizing really quickly and becoming rich source of free radicals.

In these case free radicals are our enemies and we don’t want them in our bodies (free radicals speed up your aging process). Use olive oil for salad dressing and that’s all (two tablespoons of olive oil per day is enough).

In natural healthy food list must be fat cream of course. Fat cream is good idea and the best one is goat cream. If you don’t have any problems with digestion of cow products then go for it. Remember that cow products can cause allergies.

The most important fats are above and you should use them in your kitchen. Forget all about other fats like sunflower oil, grape seed oil, peanut oil, margarines etc. because all of them are totally useless and unhealthy.