What are the healthiest sources of protein?

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The best sources of proteins are red meats: beef, lamb, buffalo, goat meat and any of game meat. These meats were on humans “plates” for hundreds of thousands years. The best pieces of meats should be rich in fat! A fatty meat is what our ancestors ate.

North American Indians are the best example…if they had a choice they always pick up the fattiest pieces of meats available. Lean meats ware used to make “Pemmican” which is kind of high protein-high fat snack made with lean dried meat and buffalo suet (suet is kind of fat placed around kidneys).

If they had problems with hunting buffalos or other big fat mammals Indians had to eat small animals like rabbits, squirrels and birds…they called this periods “rabbit starvation”.

It was called Rabbit starvation because of tiny amount of fat in such small animal like rabbit. Indians recognized that undersized amounts of fat in their diet are reason for many health related problems.

The same we can say about proteins quantities in diet, not enough proteins in your diet will cause many nasty problems. Always choose the fattest cuts of meat and if you can afford that buy only organic grass fed meat.

If grass fed meat is too expensive for you and your family this is no reason to panic, the best solution is to start extra supplementation of omega-3 fatty acids and few minerals and vitamins (this is covered in healthy diet section).

What are the healthiest sources of protein?

Roasted meat is one of the most natural and healthy foods available these days. Eat a lot of it and be strong like a Bull!
Generally meat was always on tables in rich homes while carbohydrates were sign of poverty. Kings of nations were feeding their families and courts with meat and fat because they knew that these are the finest and healthiest foods.

In India for example only poor people eat veggies only and meat is sphere of rich and those of higher social levels (Food from natural healthy food list is this same food which was on plates of the richest people) .

After red meat we have organ meats on our natural healthy food list. Organ meats are probably the most important foods in nature. In wolves packs the most important and healthiest foods are always organ meats and in many cases they are reserved for alpha wolf which is the most important one, the leader.

Similar is with us humans. Organ meats were for the most important members of community because of their nutritional value.Liver, kidneys, sweet breads, brains, lungs, stomach and intestine are of highest nutritional value you can find in nature.

There is no plant which is so high in nutritional values. Besides organs can be prepared to be very tasty even tastier than regular muscle meat. The best part about organs meat is that is cheaper than nice beef steak for example, excluding only sweetbreads which are very expensive.

Sweetbreads are very expensive because they are glands (its gland which is protecting your body against harmful bacteria’s and chemicals) which are responsible for immunological system and for that reason they are incredibly healthy food.

Thanks God we can buy special supplements to boost our immunological system, we don’t have to spent fortune for sweetbreads. More about these supplements you can read in healthy diet section.

Grilled chicken is very good source of full value proteins but unfortunately it is a bit too skinny. If you thinking about diet based only on chickens I can tell you straight away forgot about it. It can be poisonous; we have to eat some fats!
Again thanks God that today meat and fat is in many cases much cheaper than veggies and fruits. That’s very good for you and me and our families of course.

What are the healthiest sources of protein?
Next excellent source of proteins in natural healthy food list is fish. Fish is perfect if it came from cold waters like arctic sea for example.

The best are: salmon, cod, mackerel, trout, sardines and carp. These are my favourites, they are fatty and healthy. It is ideal composition of healthy proteins and healthy fats. Fish should be on your plate at least twice a week; perfect is three to six times a week.

You can go for shrimps, Calmar’s and other sea creatures as well. They are rich in minerals too.

Fried fish is very tasty and looks amazing but much healthier is if you go for boiled or grilled fish.
“Give me a fish and I eat for a day. Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime.” Chinese proverbs
Prawns are loaded with proteins and some minerals. They are good idea for healthy fast food.

What are the healthiest sources of protein?
Next on our natural healthy food list are eggs, you can eat chicken eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs and any other eggs you find. Egg is the best source of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. It is good practice to eat raw eggs.

I know that for many people this can be disgusting but that is quick and the healthiest whey of eating them.

If you cooking egg it will loss many of nutritional values including so important for our health enzymes. But this is your choice, maybe one day you will try to eat raw egg, it can be very tasty mixed with coconut oil, honey and cinnamon…yummy.

By the way, don’t worry about salmonella because this is next big myth. In 99% of cases Salmonella was found only in products containing eggs like mayonnaise, ice creams or in ready cooked chickens from Tesco or other supermarkets.

Salmonella is not so dangerous, the best cure for salmonella is to drink lots of fresh water, take some of first class probiotics and take a good rest (probiotics are described in healthy diet and healthy supplements sections).

What I am going to tell you now probably will be new to you and for sure you will be very surprise. Almost all of deaths supposingly caused by salmonella are in fact deaths caused by extremely dehydration and high dosage of wrong prescribed antibiotics. Salmonella by its Own won’t kill you; doctors will, in hospital.

I’m pretty sure what I am talking about because this information is coming from Australian doctor who was working in big city hospital. In USA only are about 20000 people who eat raw eggs for many years and they never bin sick because of that.

If you still don’t want to eat them raw eat them slightly cooked, soft eggs that keep lots of nutrients on place.

What are the healthiest sources of protein?

Walnuts are the best nuts you can buy. Walnuts are of highest nutritional value
Subsequently good source of proteins and fats which disserve to be on natural healthy food list are nuts and seeds. You can eat Hazelnuts, Cashew, Almonds, shell nuts, Peanuts, Macadamias, Pistachios, Pecan nuts, Pine nuts, Walnuts and Brazilian nuts and any other you will find.

Nuts are loaded with proteins but you can’t make them your main source of proteins (which are called amino acids).
The reason for that is because nuts are short of some of necessary amino acids. You can eat them as a snack or use them for deserts.

Some of us can eat big quantities of nuts while others are felling not well after only half of pack of hazelnuts. This is very individual case and you have to check this out on yourself.If you will be ok with bigger quantities of nuts you can add them to your natural healthy food list.

I have only one suggestion before you will go nuts shopping, don’t eat too much of peanuts they are in fact legumes like peas or beans and they contains kind of dangerous lectins.

Peanuts lectins are carcinogenic and can cause colon cancer. It is not 100% percent clear yet how lectins react with body but there are few scientific studies that can confirm this theory. So it is better if you will go for pistachios or walnuts, they are tastier anyway.

What are the healthiest sources of protein?
Dairy products are known of their high quality proteins and nutritional value and that is why they have to be on natural healthy food list. It is true that dairy products have high nutritional value but only unpasteurised cow milk, yogurts, creams and cheeses and pasteurised and unpasteurised goat milk, creams, yogurt and cheeses.

If you can’t buy unpasteurized cow dairy don’t buy it at all.

Instead try to get unpasteurized goat products or if there is no chance for unpasteurized go for pasteurized but make sure that they are high quality products.

You don’t have to pay fortune for good quality goat products. Goat milk contains good quantities of vitamin A and calcium. African Masai drink lots of unpasteurised goat milk, they walking many miles every day with their cattle.

No one I know personally can do the same. Can you walk 10-20 miles every day in high sun? If you do my congratulations, you are in good shape. If you can’t walk such long distance don’t worry, read trough natural healthy food list and soon you will be able to lift even mountains (only joking).

Fresh goat milk is perfect for brakefast
Why goat milk is better than cow milk? Answer is very simple. We have problems with digestion of cow milk only because of our diet when we were little kids.
Our moms feed us with cow milk and then we were drinking milk in school and some of us, adults right now, still drinking cow milk and believe that it is healthy.

Because of fact that we spent big part of our life’s drinking cow milk we are now allergic to it. We don’t have even enzymes responsible for proper digestion of cow milk, they are gone long time ago when we turned into adults.

This is big problem because in reality cow milk is highly unhealthy for us and for our babies. Cow milk is highly allergenic and can cause lots of problems. If you have any hard to identify health related problems stop drinking of cow milk immediately.

Remember, on natural healthy food list you will find only very healthy and highly digestible foods.

The Only cow milk you can drink is unpasteurised, it is not exactly known why unpasteurised milk is highly digestible and why is not allergenic but for many people is working fine.

Probably is much better than pasteurised because contains enzymes which are killed by high temperature in pasteurised milk.

Pasteurising is process of killing germs by short shots of high temperature, milk after this process is “dead” and there are no more good bacteria and no more enzymes. You should know that under high temperature some of milk proteins becoming allergenic and this maybe cause of yours problems (if you have some problems with cow milk). So drink only goat milk or unpasteurised cow milk.

Besides, milk have high carbohydrate content so is better if you will drink milk only occasionally.

That’s the best sources of proteins or to be exact amino acids. Your body can not work and live properly without them so make sure that you supply all necessary proteins everyday in good quantities.

How much of them you should eat you will find out in healthy diet section. Now we going to discover healthy fats called in chemical language fatty acids.