What Are The Muay Thai Techniques?

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There are tens of muay thai techniques. A muay thai fighter has actually 9 weapons which he can use: fists, elbows, knees, feats and the most important is the head. These weapons are extremely danger, if they will be used the right way. Your head is the best weapon, because your brains want to be smarter than your opponent.


The most knock-outs in muay thai are caused by the punching techniques, especially the right cross and left hook are responsible for this. This is why punches are feared by most fighters. Every fighter wants to punch hard without using too much energy. In this case you have to punch from out of your shoulder; this means that you have to turn your shoulder in the direction you want to punch.

If you do this, you turn your whole body weight into the punch. Don’t clench your fists tightly before you hit the target. Only when you actually deliver the punch your fist should be tightly clenched. There are a lot of different punches. The basic punches are: Left direct punch, Right cross, Hook punch, Uppercut, and the stepping punch.

What Are The Muay Thai Techniques?


The elbow is absolutely the most feared technique. Your elbow is not only good for attacks but also to defend yourself from your opponent. If your opponent punches you can lift up your arm and defend the punch with your elbow, the same as the opponent kicks. With an elbow you can make awkward cuts in the skin of the opponent. The best place to do this is above the eye, than the blood flows in his eye – he can’t see any more – Result: End fight. This is called Technical Knock-out (TKO). Fighters are alert if another fighter is known by his elbow skills. This will be seen as dangerous. Most countries outside Thailand allow elbows only in the A-class the professional class.


From all muay thai techniques are kicks the most spectacular to see. Thai boxers use their kicks to make the opponent weaker. Thai fighter don’t give anything about their shins, they kick everywhere they can hit you. You can see this in the thousands of fights in Thailand. In muay thai they notice two different sort of kicks. The first one you hit the target with your feet, the other one you kick with your shin. A good kicker can keep his opponent on a save distance, so the change of being hit decreases. The kick is a weapon which can attack and defend, but also is the most tiring technique. The legs have the biggest muscles in the body and they need the most energy to move. It is absolutely important that you run enough for a better endurance.

What Are The Muay Thai Techniques?


The knee is after the elbow the most feared weapon. The elbow and knees are the most important muay thai techniques for thai boxers. The knee is a weapon which you can use from near the opponent but also from a distance. If a Thai boxer is clinching he can make knees on the upper legs, body and the head. From distance he also can make knees on the body and head, but this is for more advanced people. If you want this keep distance and jump into the direction of your opponent with your knee before you.