What are the potential problems of security cameras?

We may not desire to talk about potential security camera problems but we like to address potential problems before they are ever encountered.

Although most security camera potential problems are merely caused by a mismatch in specifications versus application, there are potential problems that can be avoided by knowing in advance of what to buy for a specific application.

The first thing to look for is the lighting and what potential lighting will be available for the camera to see. If you want the camera to see in a dark area you must take into consideration the lux sensitivity and the all around lighting the camera exists at

If you want your camera to work in all lighting conditions you must get a camera that is a day/night camera.

The sensitivity of the camera is very important in this respect because I have seen customers buy cameras without being schooled in this area, and waste money on a camera that will not really see in the conditions that they desire it to operate.

Many people will buy the cheapest or the prettiest camera that looks good to them without knowing in advance the capabilities of the camera.

What are the potential problems of security cameras?

Many customers will go about looking for the cheapest price on the net without first knowing what to buy or if they have any customer support. I believe that you pay not only for the camera or the equipment but service.

I am from the old school that you pay someone for service and for their expertise, this also can eliminate potential security camera problems.

Another potential security camera problem is the viewing angle.

How much of an angle do you need to view? Do you need to cover the entire room or just one area?

These things must be considered to eliminate a problem before it occurs. A wide angle lens is something to be considered when trying to cover the whole room, or a two camera system.

I realize that these are very simple things to be considered but one must examine them to be successful in monitoring the entire room.

The next consideration is in wireless or wired camera systems. Many times we only have a certain area that we can run wires and nobody wants wires draped around the house so if wires cannot be hidden a wireless camera should be considered.

The only drawback is that even a wireless camera needs a power supply at the camera, either a battery or AC power, so even considering a wireless you must think about the power supply at the camera itself unless you want to use batteries to power it up.

Another consideration with potential security camera problems is outside conditions for the camera.

Is the camera an outside camera, made for all types of weather conditions or is it just made for inside use?

If it is not a weather proof camera and exposed, it could short out and no more camera. Also, consider if vandalism is a potential problem.

The camera may have to be installed in a place accessible to the very person that you are trying to keep an eye on. If this be the case, you may find your camera broken up or the wires ripped off from it. If you can hide it, it may be the best way to go but if you want to just scare off potential thieves or intruders, sometimes a camera in obvious view can let someone know that they are being watched. It just depends on the type of intruders.

In considering wireless 2.4 gigaherz systems, one thing should be considered and that is obstacles that may provide a barrier to the signal and also interference that may be a problem. Although this band is fairly interference free if, you have other electrical devises that create harmonics in this band, it could be a potential problem but not likely in a 2.4 gig band.

Imaging and picture quality is of course better in wired cameras but it is next to impossible to wire a camera in all instances where wires just simply cannot be installed.

In this case you will want to make sure that you have a fairly good quality wireless camera.

There are many low priced cameras and you certainly get what you pay for in many cases.

Now, concerning IP cameras or internet cameras with their own IP address and built in software, you will want to consider how live you want to transmit the action, because some of them have a delay in transmitting live signals.

It may be a few seconds but it is something to consider also.