What are the pros and cons of senior online dating?


*** There are numerous choices in the online dating scene, with many available websites, usually having many potential matches.
*** There are many free chat rooms and free online personal websites.
*** Some websites charge a small fee to people who are more serious about meeting a quality partner.
*** A fun, non-committal way to learn about a person is to read their personal profile on the web.
*** These personal profiles may include hobbies, special interests, political beliefs, dreams, goals and favorite activities.
*** If this person has been honest, you will receive a most accurate idea of what a person is like, and you decide if you still wish to meet them in person.
*** You may learn about one another by exchanging email messages. This method is safe, easy and could make you more confortable should you wish to meet in person later.


Be very cautious when visiting a free website.

What are the pros and cons of senior online dating?

*** While some websites allow people to participate by posting their profiles and responding to others free of charge, there are unfortunately, wierdos or perverts attracted to this type of site as well.
*** Check each site carefully before you decide to join!
*** If you need to use your credit card….PLEASE BE CAREFUL!
*** Often sites will allow you to view other people’s profiles before joining,but you will be charged by credit card to respond to a member.
*** Read carefully about the membership dues and rules before you join.
*** Learn the total cost, check if you are also signing up for a automatic renewal.,BR>*** Verify the full amount that will be charged to your credit card!
*** Never provide your credit card number UNTIL you are satisfied all is okay!
*** Be aware of the required procedure you need to follow if or WHEN you decide to QUIT the site!

*** Unfortunately you can be deceived by the photo appearing on the online profile. It may have been taken years ago!

*** As with most things in life…if it sounds too good to be true ….he or she probably is!!!