What Are The Top 3 Travel Concerns?

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Are you concerned about terrorism? flight safety? catching a rare disease? Here are some vacation safety tips and a few precautions you should take.

Most people have 3 main concerns when they travel:

  • Flight safety
  • Exotic illnesses
  • Terrorism

You can read statistics telling you that

Flying is the safest form of travel

The chances of you catching a rare disease are well, rare

And you’re in no more danger of a terrorist attack while traveling than while sitting at home.

But that won’t make your fears go away. And government advisories only tend to make people even more nervous about travel overseas.

The risks to travelers are actually the same concerns of our everyday lives, like being in a car accident, falling and getting hurt, or being robbed. Bad things can happen anywhere, whether you’re home, traveling in the US, or around the world. Simple common sense keeps you safe wherever you are.

What Are The Top 3 Travel Concerns?

Here are some guidelines on overseas travel safety:

Vacation Safety Tips: Transportation

      • Flying IS the safest way to travel. Go ahead, read the statistics. It’s safer than driving.
      • Trains are second, being safer than cars or buses.
      • One thing: Avoid road travel at night outside the First World.

Vacation Safety Tips: Health

      • Get the recommended vaccines before you go.
      • Make sure you have medical insurance that covers you overseas
      • Take enough of any medication you need to last the whole trip
      • Practice good hygiene
      • Practice safe sex
      • Don’t drink the water outside the First World

Vacation Safety Tips: Crime

      • Most crime against tourists has to do with economics, not terrorism
      • Pay attention to what’s happening around you. If you feel unsafe, go to the nearest place where there are other people
      • Don’t look like a tourist. Wearing loud clothing or logos mark you as a foreigner
      • Don’t look lost. If you need to check your map, go into a hotel lobby or restaurant
      • Write down your hotel’s address and phone number. If you get lost, you can take a taxi back
      • Read the local news of the countries you’re visiting. Talk to other travelers AND local people. Be informed
      • Don’t break the law, any law
      • And absolutely NO drugs. This one can get you in a heap of trouble

As a back up in any emergency, buy trip cancellation and interruption insurance in case you need to cut your trip short and get back home.

Vacation Safety Tips: Stay Informed

Obviously you would not visit a place where there’s a war going on. Be informed of current events. Get your information from different sources, and take it all with a grain of salt. US advisories and news tend to be slanted and exaggerated.

If fear is getting in the way, I recommend you talk to other travelers who have recently been to the places you want to visit. There are many forums online where you can do this.

Hostility towards America is usually directed at the US government. Everywhere we went on our trip around the world people were curious about US policies, and asked questions. But we never met with any hostility.

Actually, people just expect Americans to be rude. Saying ‘good morning’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ gets you a lot more. And don’t forget to smile; you’re on vacation after all.