What are the ways to select the best pda for yourself?

Choosing the best PDA is a very personal thing, it is all about finding the right balance of size, weight, performance, features, and cost.

There is no one right device for everyone, if you are looking to buying such a device. Then you need to assess what you intend to do with it and what features would be important to you. Let’s say your criterion is a gaming machine, then you’ll most probably need something high end with fast processors.

What are the ways to select the best pda for yourself?

So we talk about finding out your needs. Let the questions fire away!

Which PDAs fits my needs?

There are a lot handheld models out there, each targeting a different user. The following profiles listed below should get you straight on the best pda possible. Pick the one that best suits your wants and your lifestyle.

On Budget

You need a pocketsize device to keep your address book, calendar, list of things to do and notes / data organised. Also, the ability to synchronise that information with a PC will make life much easier. Then a basic handheld will suffice. Addition of software and other accessories can come later when your budget permits, which can easily enhance your best PDA’s functionality.


So you need to get the job done, an essential tool that keeps you organised and utilises software that works with Microsoft Word and Excel. Models with ample memory, expansion slots and a sharp color screen would be good enough. If your company has hotspots and the model you are using has Wifi then be sure it works with your company’s e-mail.


You work constantly on transport and a laptop is not an option for many reasons. Then the best PDA for you would be one that is capable to stand in for a laptop. For this, connectivity, battery life, and size are very important factors. Inbuilt Wifi and / or Bluetooth connectivity ensures that you can check and send e-mail outside of the office wherever there’s a hotspot.

While the right software lets you edit Word and Excel files, an integrated keyboard will come in handy if you plan on typing a lot. Many models uses batteries that are both replaceable and rechargeable, so you can change to a fresh cell when needed. This will free you from the limitations of a single battery.

Multimedia user

You listen to music, watch videos, play games, surf the Web, and snap photos. The latest and greatest technology is your constant priority. You will get the most out of high-end handhelds with fast processors, lots of built-in memory, high-resolution colour screens, graphics accelerators, expansion slots, etc etc. Incidentally, you also have to fork out the most amount of money for PDAs like this.

All-in-one & one for all

You’re a minimalist like me and only prefer to only carry a single gadget or as few as possible. Consider getting a hybrid of a traditional handheld and a mobile phone.

The balance between sizes, ease of use, and convenient data entry is especially important with these devices. There are some models that are more towards the phone part and others that are designed for those who need their e-mails.

Personally, I think it is not very wise to compare electronic products side by side as most commercial websites do. Every product out there has its own uniques functions and capabilities.

The intention is to first recognise what you need as I have spoken earlier, I will say it again now because it is crucial to you. As a consumer, even though you may have money to burn on the most high-end, best pda. You may experience difficulties in operating it later on.