What are UV Reactive?

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UV reactive are plastics infused with a powder, where their presence is not meant to be apparent under normal lighting conditions. Under long ultraviolet or short ultraviolet irradiation, these materials fluoresce brilliantly, with no afterglow once the irradiating source is removed. Most uses are for indoor use such as security or case modding in our case, but not intended for prolonged outdoor exposure.

What are UV Reactive?

To illuminate a UV reactive plastic such as in cable sleeving or molex connectors modders use a blacklight or an ultraviolet light. These lights come in the popular forms of cathode tubes as well as in small leds.

Some examples of uv reactives are fan grills, fans, cable sleeving, molex power connectors, SATA & IDE cables, clear acrylic cases, decals, heat shrink wrapping and power supplies.