What Are Volunteer Vacations?

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Volunteer vacations are perfect for people who want to spend their leisure time in a more productive manner while also enjoying the world. When you volunteer abroad or at home, you can make a difference to those people or areas that are on the receiving end of your efforts. But you also get to fully enjoy the adventures, sights and sounds that typify the locale while doing the kind of work you enjoy.

A New Outlook on Life

Volunteer vacations can be working vacations, mission work, or simply an opportunity to lend a hand where a hand is needed. These kinds of vacations offer a way to combine recreational activities with service duties. In a world full of need everywhere you look, people are feeling the call to serve projects that improve the world.

  • Community development
  • Children
  • Education
  • Park improvement
  • Wildlife protection
  • Home building
  • Environmental protection
  • Historical or archeological projects

Within each of these areas are many opportunities that will fit your abilities and skills and your vacation schedule. You can spend a month in Africa teaching local residents how to build new homes in a rural area or spend a week in the Appalachian Mountains clearing historical trails. You can teach children in an undeveloped country how to read or you can dig for archeological artifacts.

What Are Volunteer Vacations?

In other words, you can find service work that will fit your mission trip, conservation trip, environmental trip, or a trip to assist specific groups of people in the areas of education, health, sports or family protection. One thing is for certain no matter which volunteer vacations you consider: you will get a new outlook on your life and of the world when you spend your recreational time helping to make the world a kinder place to live.

When Adventure Calls….

You can enjoy volunteering and satisfy your need for adventure travel also. Anyone who sleeps in a tent in a South American wilderness while collecting insect specimens for an environmental study will assure you that service work can be as exciting as you wish! But if you are more interested in working with people, your cross cultural experience will be adventure enough while creating new classrooms for children in an underdeveloped country or helping poverty stricken families obtain health care.

Volunteer trips that fit every age group are available. While some vacations are for teens or young adults, there are many more trips specifically designed for those over 50 years old or desiring senior friendly arrangements. Your experience, energy and talents are needed around the world.

So if you are interested in saving wetlands, creating wildlife preserves, or working with people with special needs, going on one of the volunteer vacations is the way to get you involved. You can combine service work with fun travel. A travel agent can help you design the ideal vacation whether you prefer sleeping in a tent, living with another family, or staying in a hotel.