What biker clothing do you need?

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The best biker clothing gives you protection,safety and keeps you looking good. I might be writing about how to look good on a bike but NEVER compromise staying safe and protected for the sake of style.

As i said before you don’t really look very good when your skin’s been torn to shreds and your a mess of broken bones – or worse. I don’t want to get heavy,this site is about biking and having fun. But we have all seen it, the guys or gals in the summertime flying along on the bike in a very nice t-shirt, pair of jeans and trainers. No No No! And that’s my last word on the matter!

What’s wrong in this picture? Well he looks ok and he is protected apart from the fact that he appears to be wearing trainers. But does he look good? I’ll leave that one up to you!

So what clothing do you need?

A good, well made jacket that fits you as well as it can. Try a range of styles and fabrics. Leather is great but a textile jacket can be more comfortable. I tried leather to start but it never really became part of me, it never felt really comfortable. My textile jacket takes me through all four seasons without problems. An inner liner to keep me warm in winter and it’s removeable for summer and still keeps me protected but not too hot.

I would have another leather jacket but i can’t afford the one i want! I do think this is the key. You get what you pay for.

What biker clothing do you need?

The range of jackets for men and women is huge now with loads of choice and styles. Try lots on until you’re sure it’s right,it’s not something to rush.

For the best biker clothing colour you can’t go far wrong with plain black it will match any bike and always looks good. You may want to co-ordinate with or match your bike colour and design. This is fine as long as you get it right. Couples that ride 2 up often match each others outfits. I think this is okay but don’t have identical – leave some room for individual style!

The main thing is to make sure your jacket is made from fabric that will save your skin. It should have body armour to protect your bones.Waterproof and breathable is also good. Make sure it’s comfortable and looks great!

What kind of trousers will you wear when choosing your best biker clothing? Leather, textile or jeans? A two piece leather suit where the bottoms attatch to the top are great for a streamlined, matching look. They zip together so there’s no gaps either.

Textile bottoms are okay for winter as they are very warm and weatherproof but they aren’t the most stylish things on the planet! Although designers are trying to improve this a little.

Wear leather jeans with a textile jacket as long as the colours match or co-ordinate. Otherwise you look a “prat” – American translation – “dork”!! Leather jeans come in cuffed bottoms and straight leg styles.

The biggest advancement for bikers wanting to look good and be comfortable has got to be *Kevlar jeans. I couldn’t cope without mine. With denim finishes in blue,black and camo there are two major players in the branding stakes. Look out for the special feature on them on the site!