What Do The Aspects In Astrology Signify?


This is the symbol of the conjunction. It happens when a planet is literally placed on top of the other in the same sign in a chart (close to 0 degree apart). When planets are this close to each other, their energies intensify. The energies of both planets combine and merge with each other to give birth to a new form of energy. Depending on the planets involved in the Conjunction, this can be manifested as empowered positive or sometimes, difficult energies. The collaboration of both planets’ energy can be seen in the one straight line pointing ahead, symbolizing the single-minded purposefulness of the union, whether for better or worse.


A Trine occurs when two planets are four signs away from each other (approximately 120 degrees apart). As such, the planets are usually found in the same elemental signs(Fire, Earth, Air or Water). This is considered a soft, beneficial aspect in Astrology and is viewed as one that produces harmonious comfortable energies. Nevertheless, as the energy from the planets are so complementary, there can be a tendency to take things for granted as results seem to manifest themselves so easily. A Grand Trine occurs when three planets fall into the same elemental signs, producing the figure of a 3-pointed star. This involves a third stabilizing force for the other two sources to bounce off energy from, hence reaching a mutual agreement.


A sextile occurs when two planets are two signs apart (approximately 60 degrees apart). This is considered a soft, harmonious aspect although its impact is not as powerful as that of the Conjunction or Trine. Because the planets are found in complementary signs (Water-Earth or Fire-Air), the Sextile requires a little more work and effort, for the energies are not as strong as those of the Trine or Conjunction. Nevertheless, it still produces a friendly, helpful energy that creates a certain harmony between the planets involved.


A Square occurs when two planets are three signs away from each other (approximately 90 degrees apart). Like the symbol, Squares indicate a blockage of energy by boxing us in and making us feel at odds or frustrated. This is considered a stressful, tense and difficult aspect as the strife is often not as outwardly apparent as it is inwardly. When these energies exerted by both planets reach a dead end, some sort of adjustment is needed to navigate round the sharp end. Hence, a re-channeling of energies can often teach us to adjust or limit and to accept restrictions.

What Do The Aspects In Astrology Signify?


An Opposition occurs when two planets are 6 signs away from each other (approximately 180 degrees apart). Like Squares, Oppositions are considered stressful and challenging, usually indicating that a mutual agreement has to be reached in order to resolve the conflict. Therein lies the paradox. Opposites attract and often act as mirror images as well. There seems to be nothing in common and yet at the same time, there’s usually a powerful unconscious force at work here pulling both planets together. Compared to the Square, the energies of the Opposition are more intensified and demanding. The Opposition is usually associated with outward rather than inward conflicts and this requires action in order to come to a mutual understanding and agreement.


A Quincunx or Inconjunct occurs when two planets are five signs away from each other (approximately 150 degrees apart). This aspect revolves round the issues of karma and learning from differences. It is considered a difficult and challenging aspect but for different reasons. Because the energies exerted from both planets come from such different perspectives, they lack common ground and are unable to understand each other well. Often, a re-adjustment or re-directing of energies is needed for both energies to reach some form of mutual agreement. Although the inherent differences will still continue to exist, each can learn from the other and feed off energy from each other.