What Do The Identity Theft Statistics Tell Us?

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What are the identity theft statistics for Americans? The Identity Theft Resource Center conducted a survey in 2003-2004, and discovered that approximately ten million Americans are victims to the crime of identity theft. In recent years, it’s only gotten worse.

A source known as the Aberdeen Group estimated losses of approximately $221 billion annually by businesses worldwide due to cases of identity theft or identity fraud.

Victims spend an individual average of $850 to $1,400 in expenses dealing with their identity theft cases, and loss of wages have averaged anywhere between $1,800 and $14,000.

As you can see, these are huge numbers that should cause considerable concern on the part of consumers, especially those who don’t currently take steps to help secure their identities.

Can you end up a victim of ID Theft? It’s certainly a possibility. The answer depends mostly on what precautions you as an individual, choose to practice and/or put in place for your security. Identity theft cases are on the rise, and those who fail to prepare, could loose considerably.

When you consider, depending on the severity of a case, it could take up to a year or more to clear your good name, it’s probably best to utilize whatever resources an individual can comfortably afford, to help protect his or her identity from these criminals.

What Do The Identity Theft Statistics Tell Us?

There are many very reputable identity theft protection resources to choose from, such as LifeLock, which we consider to be one of our two best recommendations.

ID Watchdog Identity Theft Protection and Prevention, is our other highly recommended resource to help secure your identity. Both programs are well known, and have excellent consumer ratings.

Again, doing all you can to avoid ending up as one of those terrible identity theft stories, or statistics, could end up being one of the best personal and/or professional investments a consumer could ever make. Don’t be a statistic.