What do you do about different sized windows in the same room?

by Regina
(New Jersey)

I have a large “figure 8″ shaped room with several different sized windows – and even a bank of windows.

I want a formal, traditional look. I like silk drapes – but would run into a problem with lack of space in certain areas.

Can you have different style treatments if you use the same fabric?

Thanks, Regina

What do you do about different sized windows in the same room?

Hi Regina

I sometimes fit different styles in the same room. For instance I have had a main window with a pelmet (cornice)and curtains. Then on a small narrow side window I have fitted a decorative rod and single curtain.

Another thing that I have done is to fit curtains in a through Dining/lounge area.

In the lounge I have fitted swags then in the dining end of the room pinch pleat curtains on decorative rods.

All the above have used the same fabric and curtain tie backs. This keeps a theme going even though the styles change.

I think the general rule of thumb is to try and not mix styles in the same room. If this is not possible on smaller or narrow windows. Then keep these secondary window styles as simple as possible.

So make a feature of the larger main windows, then keep the secondary windows as simple as you can.

I hope this helps a little I know it’s not an exact answer.

Best regards