What do you know about Olympus Stylus 770 SW?

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In my household I need products that are tough! And not just for my kids – my husband is even worse. He is very adventurous, and that’s great, but not when it comes to cameras. He needs a rugged digital camera and a waterproof digital camera.

Let me explain his favorite “hike.” Have you every heard of canyoneering? That’s what he loves! These are slot canyons, with water running through them. They are beautiful, but sometimes treacherous.

My husband’s favorite is called the Subway in Zion Nat’l Park. It is called this because of it’s shape.

This canyon has freezing cold water running through it all year long, my husband has even gone while there was ice in the water.

You are always walking in the water, swimming through deep sections or, climbing down waterfalls. It is very slippery, with deep holes that can swallow you!

Well he decided one trip that he was going to take my digital SLR with him. I was a little nervous because it is not a rugged digital camera, but I agreed.

After some of the pictures he took, and how wet it got I am surprised it survived. The worst was he didn’t get to take half the shots he wanted for fear it would break.

Given this history…I am looking for a camera that can withstand all that. Also it needs to withstand my 18-month-old who recently threw my cell phone into a full bath tub. I was not a happy mom. I need a rugged digital camera.

I believe I have found it. I want a camera that is waterproof, tough, high resolution, compact, has various modes, and can take video. TA DA…the Olympus Stylus 770SW

This is a handy feature! I love it. But don’t get too cocky. Just because it has image stabilization doesn’t mean you should forget proper photo technique.

I often hear complaints of “my pictures always turn out fuzzy, what a rotten camera!” About many styles of camera.

I am sorry but when you have a 7.1 megapixel camera, with good light. The rotten pictures are not the fault of the camera.

My biggest tip! Look through the eye piece. Take your time. You can’t rush art. Which in my mind every picture has the potential to be.

When your picture is exactly how you want it…click…and wait. I know with the LCD screens we have all become accustomed to, you want to see your picture right now.

What do you know about Olympus Stylus 770 SW?


RESIST. Wait 3 seconds.

Take your picture…count to three…one…two…three. Then look at your beautiful masterpiece from this unbelievably rugged digital camera.

Image stabilization is a great tool. It reduces or eliminates problems with simple hand and body movement, slight jerking, etc. It does a great job and I love it. But don’t think you can wave your camera, clicking randomly, hardly looking through the eye piece and get pictures that aren’t fuzzy. OK that may be a bit of an exaggeration but I’ve seen close.