What do you know about reptiles?

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Reptiles represent a huge group of animals. They live everywhere except Antarctica. They are considered “cold-blooded,” making them quite different from other animals. Most of them lay eggs. At an estimate, there are about 8,000 species of these creatures in the world.

A lot of people often think that these animals had originally been dinosaurs. This only partly true, as crocodiles are decendants of the dinosaur. But very few people own crocodiles! The reptiles that most people own aren’t related to dinosaurs.


While many people don’t think so, reptiles actually do have personalities. If you have a good relationship with your pet, you’ll even come to realize that you have formed a bond with a reptile!

Even with my own turtles, I’ve realized that they recognize me and watch me closely. Just like with cats and dogs, these animals really are capable of affection.


Home Is Where the Heart Is!

Before you actually get your pet, it’s a very good idea to set up their home first. Most of the time, people usually use a fish tank for their pet reptiles. Make sure that it’s made out of glass, not plastic! Plastic can leak harmful chemicals into your pet.

At the least, the tank should be 10-gallons. What you line at the bottom of the tank depends on what kind of reptile that you get. You should also put in objects that let them be off the ground, like rocks. They should also have a place to hide in while on the ground. A kind of miniature cave for them to take a break from the light.

They love to be in a hot environment! You can either use a heating pad or a heating lamp for them. They need heat because they often use it to help run their digestion system.

Because reptiles are very good at escaping, you have to put a lid on the tank so that they can’t get out. It would be bad to lose your pet!

Caution! Handle with Care!

There are quite a few people who don’t actually like to touch their pet reptile, while there are people who enjoy taking them out of their confinement to play with them.

It’s okay to touch your pet, but you must be sure to do it while they’re young. This let’s them get used to being touched by humans and let’s them know that it’s okay. The older they are, the less they’ll accept being picked up.

When picking them up, you have to be gentle. It might even be a good idea to wear gloves while doing this in order to protect your skin. They can scratch you with their claws or whip you with their tail. But this is only if they don’t like being picked up.

What do you know about reptiles?


What you should feed your reptile and how often is different among the different types. Click on the species that you own below to know how they should be fed. Water should be left out for them at all times and should be changed everyday.

If you’re feeding your the right way, you should see that the skin looks smooth and the body is well formed. The eyes should be clear and you shouldn’t see any ‘boogers’ on their nose and no raspy breathing.

Now let’s talk about exercise! If you’re reading this part, you’re probably thinking, “exercise? I have to exercise my reptile?” The answer is yes! It’s really not that hard to do.

Make sure their enclosure has plenty of room for them to move around. They can also get exercise if you let them out to walk around. Playing with them not only gets them exercise, it also strengthens the bond between you and your pet. This is true for all pets!