What do you need to know about Gourmet Pork?

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Until a few decades ago in rural houses, slaughtering a pig was a happy event. The whole house was involved: men, women and children as well as dogs and cats. The end of this lengthy procedure constituted an occasion to eat fresh chops roasted on the grill.




Meats from this animal are very flavored and offers remarkable choices in cuisine, but please, enough with the usual loin roast, at the least combine it with an original sauce! Loin flavor can be enhanced by pickling it with liver passed through a sieve and wrapping it with thin slices of lard. Pork can be coupled with the sweet meat of crustaceans. Tripe with lobster is a perfect binomial for consistency and taste. Coupling pork meat to the sweet flavor of apples is also excellent.


One of the best gourmet meats is that of the Berkshire Breed. 



Once, one of the most important operations in the transformation of pigs was the recovery of fat and its preservation. Fat near muscles was softer and was melted, filtered and stored in dryed bladders, glass or “terracotta” containers that were then kept in a cool place. This type of fat was used for frying. The harder lard layer on the pork back, was cut in rather large pieces with a square or rectangular shape and covered with salt so that it would keep longer. In some cases the lard was smoked. Every house had its precious supply of condiment for every day use. Today, lard is unfortunately in disuse and this is a serious gastronomic mistake because when cooking lean meats – and also lean fish – its flavor and its emollient function are irreplaceable. Struck with romarin and garlic, or carrots, onions and celery, or other herbs, lard softens the inside of meats and renders crunchy the external part. Used in very thin slices over a toasted homemade bread slice or over a slice of “focaccia” cooked under live coal still makes for one of the best delicacies that has never been invented. It must be lard of quality, salted and seasoned to perfection.

What do you need to know about Gourmet Pork?




Chop Pork Recipe


Central Italy




One thick cut chop , salt and garlic.


Preparation and cooking: 10 minutes


Keep the thick cut chop for two days covered with coarse salt and refrigerated. Then clean it from the salt, rub it with garlic and grill it 5 minutes each side.