What do you need to know about Scarborough Beach?

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Do you have memories of days out at Scarborough Beach when you were a kid? Or maybe at some other beach on the Yorkshire Coast?
I have.

I remember donkey rides and ice cream and sand castles and sandwiches and bottles of warm orange squash and my grandma sleeping in a deckchair and dad with his trousers rolled up looking for worms as the tide went out.

The point is, when you give your kids a day or two at the seaside, you are giving them memories for life.

It’s not about the specifics of what they do, it’s about what you do with them. And a few days playing on Scarborough Beach will give them a pile or memories to last the rest of their lives.

So What Can I Tell You About Scarborough Beach?

There are as many things to do as there are sparks in your imagination.

What I want to try to do here is to answer some of the questions I have been asked about Scarborough Beach for those of you who are not sure.

Is The Water Safe?

Well that depends on what you mean by safe!

  • Are there sharks in the water? NO – This is Scarborough, Yorkshire, not Scarborough, Australia.
  • Can you drink the water? ONLY IF YOU’RE NUTS! – in fact, if you’re not nuts and you drink salt water, legend has it you’ll go crazy. But that’s the same on any beach.
  • Are there tides and undercurrents? YES – It is the North Sea after all. But there are also RNLI lifeguards who patrol the beach and put up warning flags to help you avoid trouble.
  • Is the water polluted? NO – The Marine Conservation Project who rate all the beaches in the country and tell you which ones to avoid, have consistently rated Scarborough beach as EXCELLENT in terms of water quality.

If you are sensible, the worst hazard most people will face on the beach is from seagulls trying to pinch your fish and chips or using you for their version of poop-dropping target practice!!

Are The Kids Safe?

In this day and age, kids are subject to dangers we never faced as children. No need to say more.

But there are a few things that ought to help you feel more confident about your little ducklings’ safety when they are on Scarborough Beach.

  • Keep your eyes open – Tragedies can often be avoided if you just keep a close eye on what the kids are doing, where they are going and who they are talking to.
  • Remember that young skin burns easily so cover them up and put sunscreen on the bits that stick out! PLEASE believe me about this. Many people, especially people who are used to Mediterranean holidays, seem to think that British sun isn’t very hot and so the risk of burning is insignificant. British Sun is DECEPTIVE! Especially on a beach when there is a bit of a breeze.I might also add that adult Canadians (like Kate) also have skin that burns in the English sun in spite of insisting, “I’m fine, I go out in the sun all the time at home!” Well, she wasn’t fine. She burned to a crisp. So adults, please take care of your skin too.
  • Keep the kids hydrated. – They will be running around on a hot beach for hours in the sun so make sure they get plenty of fluids.
  • First Aid – If you need help with first aid for any reason, pop to the lifeguards’ station. They have some things that will help with small injuries, but they will be able to point you in the direction of any extra help you might need.

What do you need to know about Scarborough Beach?

What About Fido?

Scarborough is one of the country’s most dog-friendly towns but there are limits when it comes to taking the dog onto Scarborough Beach.

  • Keep dogs in the designated dogie areas. There are large tracts of beach that allow dogs to do their thing freely all year round. There are other areas where dogs are banned between May and September. Please check for signs before you exercise your dog in the sand.
  • Do I really have to ask you to clean up after your dog? – I didn’t think you needed reminding. It’s everybody else who leaves dogie parcels all over the place, isn’t it? Good.

Can I use Wi-Fi in Scarborough?

Sure you can. We have very good coverage all over Scarborough in shops, restaurants and even on the beach.